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2018 is arriving… What’s the plan?



New Year resolutions have begun to fall under the category of clichés. In the current scenario of events, New Year Resolutions are looked down upon as an activity that is bound to fail sooner or later. One can often found to equate New Year resolutions to the absurdity of books falling and true love blossoming or the hero fighting ten goons in a row , absolutely weapon-less, in Hindi film sequences.

New Year resolutions can come across as absolute clichés to be followed as useless rituals each New Year. But a cliché once in a while doesn’t harm, after all. Earth completing an entire revolution of the mighty sun is cause enough for lots of celebration and a little indulgence. Why not indulge in a resolution list, once again?

Birthdays and anniversaries come once a year, celebration of which is cliché enough. But nobody bats an eye when that happens. Why let the tag of a cliché bog you down and keep you from an attempt at transforming your life for the better?

Every morning is a new beginning, a chance to begin anew. A chance to leave behind, everything that’s holding you back. A chance to move forward, the way life is supposed to be. Why not look at the arrival of a New Year with the same sense of hope and optimism, instead of engaging in the popular culture that promotes the pessimistic approach of ‘new year, same old shit’?

Turning everything that’s holding you back, into a stepping stone and making your life worthwhile, is in your own hands. You can only be your own savior, and nobody else can do it for you. And, as it is, it is never too late to bring about change.

This New Year is your chance to change your life. Here is a list of five resolutions that have the power of influencing all other aspects of your life, positively.

  1. Discipline

The fast paced life that we live today, is hectic and exhausting, and more often than not we neglect the essentials, which often leads to stress, adverse mental and physical health, diseases, etc. With this resolution, make it a point to discipline the most important areas of your life. Sleep in time, and make it a point to wake up early. Eat healthy, nutritious meals in time, every day. And make time to exercise and meditate. Inculcating these three simple habits is bound to impact your mental and physical health, your work, and your social life, positively.


  1. Quality Time

Once again, we have begun to live a life that is so fast paced, that we truly do not take even a moment to stop and breathe. The stress and anxiety that one feels in the throes of pressures from all arenas of life, is mostly a result of the constant running about. Begin the New Year by not partying at a fancy place with booze and people you hardly care about, but by spending quality time with your family and close friends. Engage in conversations with them, laugh with them, and if need be cry a bit too. And make it a point to do this as often as possible. What’s important is the quality of the time that you spend, and not the amount. Just a few minutes from your busy schedules every now and then, and the happiness you shall feel is beyond your imagination.


  1. Pursue a Hobby

In the race of life, professional and personal responsibilities and obligations take the place of every other thing that had ever been important to you, or had been close to your heart. The hassles of adulthood are never going to cease. But to keep life interesting and bubbling with joy isn’t as tough as it seems. This New Year, begin pursuing a long lost hobby, again. It could be a sport you played back in school or an art form like painting or dancing you were good at, and connect with it every now and then. Maybe, twice or only once every month. It is sure to make you feel whole.

  1. Reflection Journal

We often think that greater success in terms of money, or fame, is going to bring happiness, but more often than not that’s not the case. It does give us a sense of satisfaction, but true and lasting bliss does not lie in material gains. Despite investing ourselves in the not-so-material aspects of life, we often fail to recognize the bliss. Once again, the cause is lack of time to sit down and think. Begin your 2018 with some stationery shopping. Buy a diary and a nice coloured pen, and begin to write your reflections of life. All the moments that made you feel defeated and how you triumphed after all. All the moments that made you feel happy. All the moments that you got a chance to help somebody. All the moments that somebody helped you, unexpectedly. And trust me, going to back to each such event is going to make you want to thank the universe for its wonders.


  1. Spread Smiles

And last but not the least, take a moment each day and make somebody smile. Be it in the form of a helping hand, or a compliment, or even a joke. That one smile that you brought into the world, is going to bring you peace and satisfaction of the kind that you can only imagined of.


These are things that everybody does engage in every now and then, and most of them are pretty simple to pursue, but when done consciously and regularly, they can truly bring positive change and make one happier.

Happy New Year!


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