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What You Read is what you Perceive

As a generation we pride ourselves in being up-to-date on most things. With access to the Internet, we know everything happening around the world at our fingertips. But do we know the important things?

We are continuously bombarded with media talking about celebrities and superstars. Talking about Kyle’s new car and about the trashing of her car a day later. Talking about Kim Kardashians nude selfies and the nasty fights between Kangana Ranaut and Hrihik Roshan. Talking about how a former big boss celebrity became a num. We are constantly fed useless information to the point that our brains store it as important.

What we read is what we know, and what helps us form our opinions and point of view. In a democratic society, this becomes what we take action towards, and therefore our government policy itself. Take the example of the Free Basics Controversy – how some people found a stinking hole in this entire scheme and spread the word about it. Those of us who read it, and understood were able to collectively take an action that prevented a policy at a government level. The problem lies here in what we choose to read as an entire generation.

Imagine if the rest of us too, took their noses out of celebrity’s affairs and turned an eye towards greater issues that we know nothing off, such as deforestation and crores of black money put under the carpet, what a difference we could make? When a billion of us seek out the problems that our country faces and form a collective voice on the platforms we have access to, we could all be looking at a future towards better government policies.

So the next time you choose to share that piece on celebrity gossip over something substantial, think twice.

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