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The day didn’t seem promising at all. It began on a bad note. I was already late for the event and the auto I had hired moved at a speed I wouldn’t describe as speed.

I had lost all hopes of being able to attend as huge an event as this was, having been selected for it on the basis of some questions that I had answered.

I was already exhausted and a part of me just wanted to go home and sleep. Deciding to travel to the other end of the city, to attend an event I had only heard of, had been difficult enough.

But the day had something special in store for me. Something I could never have imagined.

Josh Talks, turned out to be that one thing that left we awe inspired.

As soon as it ended, I got curious and thus discovered that this is a platform for people from different walks of life to share the story of their life to inspire those who wish to meet people who have struggled just like they are struggling, and draw inspiration from the success they have achieved through this struggle. It is a platform for the common man with extraordinary zeal for life, to share with the world the extraordinariness of the stories of their lives. It is a platform that celebrates struggle, it is a platform that celebrates toil, it is a platform that celebrates life. Founded by Shobhit Banga and Supriya Kaul, Josh Talks has today become a favourite among the youth.

Josh Talks goes from one city to the other, with its train of people ready to inspire snd speak to those ready to be inspired. Today in Delhi, tomorrow in Bengaluru, while day after in Mumbai, Josh Talks travels round the country with a new set of people sharing their stories with entirely different groups of people, to fill with motivation the entire country. Josh Talks proves to connect the country emotionally, filling all its citizens with ‘Josh’.

I was attending it for the first time, and in the very first attempt it build an emotional connection with me. While the stories shared inspired me to keep chasing my dreams, the honesty with which they were related touched my soul and left me teary eyed. Meeting these extraordinary people, right after the event overwehlmed me to the core, and a felt an extreme surge of emotions asking me to give all the love in the world to my dreams and try as hard as possible until they become mine.

The mere mention of Josh Talks brings a smile on my face and I walk down a road of nostalgia remembering how this singular event united me with dreams, with hope, with happiness, and with life.

Josh Talks to explain in words, is next to inpossible. It is not an event, a report of which can be submitted next day to a newspaper or a magazine. Josh Talks is a feeling. A feeling that is in itself euphoric.

Cheers to dreams !!

Cheers to hope !!

Cheers to life !!


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