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The Unshackled Nature

Suppose there are no trains, cars, aeroplanes, factories…only pure nature allowed to bloom unfettered by the disease called development. Then you experience the ultimate exileration.Understanding, living, breathing, experiencing…become one, subsumed in nature as a part of nature. Science is divorce from nature, dissecting everything in the name of analysis, the grisly cutting by Rene Descartes, who nailed big animals to wooden logs and opened their entails to prove that animals are just machines, now being directed against self. When nature blooms and when you bloom with nature; everything gets reduced to enjoyment; because living itself becomes happiness, and there will be no struggle for existence. In fact your self-definition will not be reduced to your own body, nature becomes your body. You do not self mechanize. You don’t need to make any effort to understand, because understanding and living become one. Then understanding will not be connecting to a specific concept.Nature,the music of nature, the colours of nature, the plains, mountains, hills, streams, waterfalls, …the entire biosphere and the ecosphere become one connecting concept. Then your mansions etc suffocate you. Your thought will not be imprisoned to the basic concept—length, breadth and height to imagine shapes, you do not then escape into theorizations of objects with only one dimension, two dimensions, three dimensions, four dimensions…then twenty dimensions…the advanced madness, because the universe with you included, is one.

Today music is one method of going back to life from mechanization. Living is today the dream we reserve for holidays or vacations. Today we cannot live without electricity, phones, cars…, but we can live without nature, without the waterfalls, streams, the flora and fauna… in the concept of hell when one lived in nature as nature. The advanced divorce from nature, is leading to the elimination of nature and we lost the capacity to miss nature. In fact we have made many features of nature as pejoratives. When we are irrationally angry we say that the other one is parroting, braying, barking, sqeaking…all the sounds of nature. Paradoxically we glorify the lions, the tigers…from which we run away! The practice of self divorce has become living.

The biggest paradox is machines, mainly computers have taken over the very function of understanding and perception from us and we think that as a result we know more. We fail to recognize that once knowing, understanding…all of them constituted as one living. We have all lost living or simply peace or nature.

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