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The Feet of the Pigeon !!

Pigeons in my balcony, I see every day. Flying from one end to the other, them coming back to the same place. They’ve become my friends. Friends I find beautiful. Friends I have made a strong bond with. Friends I love.

But sometimes, I envy them. I envy them to the core. They’re beautiful, inside and outside. They’re free to go where they wish to. They’re free to fly high.

I envied them until…

I envied them until today.

While sitting in my balcony, early in the morning, sipping tea, a familiar pigeon flew across and sat down on the armrest of my chair. At first I was delighted to have company. But then I noticed something.

For the first time, in the entire span of our friendship, I happened to look at the feet of my pigeon friend. Looking at them so closely, I realized that everything about the pigeons wasn’t beautiful after all.

Don’t we all do this with life as well. Don’t we all look at our friends and relatives and envy how happy they are, how satisfying their lives are, how they have none of the problems we do. But in this maze of envy and comparison we often ignore the pigeon’s feet.

That is what life is all about. We all have some level of happiness, some anxiety, some insecurities. The only difference is that our neighbours, friends, and relatives, don’t have the same set of problems as we do. The other side of the grass always looks greener. It depends on us whether we choose to look at the other side and crib about how our side is not as green, or accept the problems in our life, strive to find a solution, and notice the happiness we already have.

It is the attitude that makes the difference. The choice depends on us, whether we choose to dwell on our problems and envy the world around for not having the same set of problems, or choose to understand life as a journey that has its own ups and downs, and celebrate the ups, tackle the downs, and live life to the fullest.

Life is all a matter of choices. The choices we choose to make, the choices we decide not to. Life is meant to live and celebrate, not to crib and degrade. The choice is ours, the choice to live life to the fullest.

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