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The Braveheart that Lakshmi Saa is…

Member of the ‘Stop Acid Attack’ campaign, Lakshmi, in the simplest way to describe, is the ‘face’ of this campaign, inspite of having her face disfigured by an acid attack at the tender age of 15. When she speaks, all you wish to do is to listen to her. That is the beauty of her ideas. Courage runs in her blood. She can never tell enough of how brave her family is to have dealt with everything that went amiss in their life with a spirit to come out as a winner. She’s not afraid of the dark, of the darkest time of her life when her face was completely disfigured and was constantly being operated upon by surgeons. She will show you pictures of herself taken at that dark hour, with no inhibitions whatsoever. That is the braveheart that Lakshmi Saa is. She chose to live inspite of the troubles that she faced. She chose to live with pride. And not only this, she chose to live-in with the man she loves. In the kind of society we live in, living-in with your partner generally gets confined to an idea or a dream that continues to be an idea or a dream. But the braveheart that Lakshmi is, she flouted all societal norms and is living her life on her own terms.
We look up to Lakshmi for the courage she displayed and has been displaying not only after the attack but even before she was attacked. This is evident in her refusal to marry the man who eventually threw acid on her face, after he kept pursuing her for days on a stretch. She asserted her individuality by refusing to marry him then, she asserts her individuality by living life on her own terms now. While on the one hand I admire Lakshmi for her courage, on the other hand I cringe at the thought of the attack a 15 year girl had to face and her subsequent pain and misery. What kind of a space has our society transformed into. While a man has no inhibitions in pursuing a much younger girl and almost forcing her to marry him, against her will, the girl’s entire life comes to a standstill the moment she refuses to give in. Lakshmi says that the tragedy could have been averted had she told her parents about this monster of a man the moment he began to ask her to get married to him, but that would have been a nightmare too because her family then would have asked her to drop out of school and stay home, putting a full stop on her career, her aspirations, her dreams. All this only because of the whims and fancies of a psychopath. A psychopath who thought that a woman is an object that he could buy and his obsession for her, he called love.
What can we possibly blame for this. The society that trains its men to believe that they are kings who can acquire even a human being at the mere thought of it. Or should we blame our films that portray obsessive psychopaths as the best of lovers. Disturbing examples of this are films like Darr and Ranjhana that portray horrifying psychopaths as the perfect lovers. And with the kind of education system that India has that lays emphasis on rote learning and has nothing to do with critical thinking, what more can we expect from the youth than to emulate these larger than life, horrifying, obsessive, what they call, ‘lovers’.
This has to change. We need to introduce subjects in the curriculum that emphasize humanism and teach the youth of the country to look at human beings as human beings and not objects of any kind of desire. We need to stop deifying characters like the psychopaths of Darr and Ranjhana and portray them in a light that makes the youth understand the problem with such characters.
Lakshmi saa is now working with acid attack survivors with her partner and a bunch of other people dedicated to the cause. Even though the mind-set of the people who carry out these attacks is the biggest problem, another problem that is hard to ignore is the apathy of the government towards acid attack victims. The government promises to give them grants for quick treatment. The treatment as it is very expensive, with each surgery costing a lot and multiple surgeries required for the victim to come back into a close to normal life. The monetary aid provided by the government is hardly enough for reconstruction surgeries, while the money reaches the victim at a time when it is too late. Victims after the pain and misery of the attack and their subsequent life filled with all kinds of troubles have to struggle to procure the small amount that the government promises them.
We really need a change. And not a change that would come along eventually, but one that needs to take place immediately.

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