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Technology, Education and the Modern Era.

It is not an unusual sight for a modern day mother to hand over a tablet playing rhymes, songs, stories and a lot of audio/visual lessons, to her toddler. And, it is observed in most cases that, preschoolers enjoy this and, learn more quickly from these wonder gadgets than from their parents or teachers who provide the same lessons, orally. Following which comes the next stage where students depend on technology heavily for completion of their projects in myriad subjects. Needless to say, technology accompanies you with all the encyclopedias you need in the world. So, how indispensable has technology become for the modern day educationists, students, homemakers and, for all of us? Let’s talk about it.

Spinning the world of educational. Many schools in the present have taken to usage of technology in classrooms where children listen more attentively to the lessons imparted through the multimedia. Learning process becomes interesting as the audio visual impact of technology on students leaves an undertone of motivation in them. Sometimes, abstract topics become interesting with the use of technology. A sea of tutorials, problem solving techniques, puzzles and mind boggling games help a student, gain a perspective in the field of education. Besides, connecting with students worldwide through global programs for research and data collection broadens the students’ outlook and help them expand their learning curves. Preschoolers with an appropriate and a well scrutinized routine can benefit a lot from rhymes, stories, songs and educational movies online.

Blessing for the Home Makers. Gone are the days when age defined a learning phase. Technology in a gadget is a wonder for modern day home makers who are interested in creating a difference in their lives, from home. Writing & blogging, imparting cooking lessons, learning craft and quilling, networking with like-minded women and beginning the first step towards entrepreneurship are the blessings of technology for a lady tied with her household chores. For a woman of today, technology is like her ticket to self discovery. With the proper use of technology, an ordinary home maker who may not have completed her graduation might just realize her dream of becoming an extraordinary professional baker. Needless to say, technology plays a stellar role in bringing out the best in everyone, if used effectively.

Making the impact. When we talk about education, it does not concern academics alone. There is more to education because, this facet of life does not have an end. There is no limit to learning new things in life and at the same time, spreading awareness in fields of health and society. Knowledge sharing has become easier and more streamlined in the world of technology. A call for a campaign can easily be started by sharing on social networking sites.

However all said and done, technology has its dead ends too. It is larger than life, extremely addictive and, it has made the world heavily dependent on it. The personal touch associated with classroom teaching is diminishing as children are more taken towards learning through lessons on the Internet. As for the homemakers, this may be a breather from their daily rigmarole. However if the guard is down, priorities can bungle, leaving you with less time and more work. That said, technology is a boon only until the point, we understand the thin line of difference between passion and addiction. If the latter goes overboard, quite a lot in life can fall apart. And, as far as educational system is concerned, technology won’t replace teachers. However, teachers who use technology will replace the teachers who don’t.

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