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Summer Life-Hacks

While the heat outside is rising to dangerous levels, there are still some smart ways to keep yourself cool, and even enjoy the summer while you’re at it. Ice cream and pools are a temporary fix, but with these summer hacks, you can make your summer easier all season long. Follow them and that’ll ensure you have your share of cool throughout!

Instant Cool

The greatest fights at home this summer will be about who forgot to refill the water bottle or who left the soda out to warm, am I right? There’s actually a quick fix to this, without the need to dilute your drink with ice cubes – put the bottle or can in a bowl of ice water and add a little salt to it. It’s simple science, the temperature will begin to drop in minutes, go on, try it.

Chill wine with grapes

Yes, even in this heat we like to enjoy our alcohol once in a while, but it really sucks having to have warm wine or add ice cubes to it. Here’s what you can do instead – keep a box of frozen grapes in your freezer and add them to your wine instead of ice. They will help chill your wine, without making it watery!

Non-messy popsicles and icicles with cup-cake wrappers

If you like your icicles, popsicles and those ice-creams on a stick, but can’t stand the sticky mess it leaves on your hands, here’s your solution. Keep a few cup-cake wrappers handy to slip on to the stick (up side down) to catch the mess while you enjoy.

Freeze aloe vera for sunburns

Yes, sunburns can really feel like your skin is melting away (it kind of is, right). So here’s what you do, buy aloe Vera gel, squeeze it into an ice tray and freeze it. When you need it the, the gel will help your skin heal, while the cold will easy the sting.

Healthy Popsicles with yogurt

Want to enjoy ice cream without spoiling your diet? Whisk low fat, flavoured yogurt with your favourite fruits and berries and freeze them on a Popsicle stick. There you have your healthy and delicious summer snack!

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