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Rise above your Self Limitations

All limitations are self imposed.

-Oliver Wendell Holmes

As we grow there are incredible changes that occur in a person’s body and mind. Where there are certain things that we struggle with, these are nothing but the self-imposed limitations. These are shackles that hold us down and stop us to reach our potential. It is observed that whenever we set a limit, we put a limit on what is achievable. These self-imposed limitations are attached to the person’s self-image. It’s like lower the self-image the person will have very low expectations from the self. These are the people who also make lot of excuses for the lack of their success.

As we are working on our self-limitations, first let’s be honest to ourselves, because true honesty brings lot of clarity. It’s not about speaking the truth but to be clear with oneself and our capabilities. It also gives the recognition of a higher step that can be climbed and brings the humility to learn from different situations of life. 

When I know my own limitations, I accept them with love; this is only possible when I am honest with myself. Constant checking will allow me to make desired changes. With this acceptance I am busy working on self and ready for the next step. Most of the times when you are surrounded by the thoughts of giving up, also know whom you are comparing yourself with. Look at people who are really good at what they do. Aim higher, if other people are able to do it, it’s possible for you to qualify.

“Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless.”

-Jamie Paolinetti

Imagination is the greatest resource that we could use, as the power of imagination is amazing. With complete clarity of our intuition and the power of intention, we can use it to bring prosperity and success in our lives. Imagination is influenced by limiting fears and beliefs where the mind begins to imagine the worst and we find that imaginations to be real. The power of the imagination is extraordinary. The use of imagination has to be in a constructive way. It’s an art and it should be used for positive intentions and benefit of others. When used in a positive way, it is capable of turning a great mountain, a complicated situation, into a grain of sand.

Situations or circumstances are nothing but the creation of weak mind. There is nothing impossible for a human being.

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