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Life: A journey of failures and victories.

Don’t take rest after your first victory, because if you fail in second, more lips are waiting to say that your first victory was just luck. 

-Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

Life is a journey that is meant to be travelled and experienced. To reach a destination is not the sole purpose of life. It is the journey and the experiences that matter. And each of these experiences have in store lessons gallore. Life is made up of failures and victories. While sometimes we fail, there is bound to come a time when you will definitely succeed.

Failure can have several reasons. Sometimes it comes to fore as a result of sloth, sometimes as a result of not working in the right direction. But what is important is the attitude with which this phase of life should be dealt with. Failures should be used as lessons for the future. Those who take their failures to heart lose nothing but the success they could achieve if they learn from their failures and move on.

Since the very inception, we are conditioned to constantly think about what the world around thinks about us. In such a scenario, when we fail, we instantly begin worrying about the judgements that would be passed by people of the society we live in. But the fact that people gossip for sometime and forget remains. Nobody has the time to think about the neighbour. Everybody is busy with their own struggle. So it is best to pay no heed to what people say and continue working hard despite failures.

According to an age old proverb; try and try, until you succeed. Failures will come if we try. Not failing implies not trying at all. But if we try hard enough, at some point in time success will definitely come. What is important is that after the first success we continue to work hard. Infact work harder than before. Because success come to those who continue to believe in themselves no matter what.

Many a times we take our success for granted and begin thinking that it has to come anyway. It is at these times that time tries us. It is at these times that we are required to put in our hundred percent. Success never comes the easy way. Those who look for short cuts, never achieve wholesome success. Consistency in toil is what success is made up of.

In the entire discourse on failure and success, what is the most important thing is that both failure and success is a matter of what we think failure and success to be. Our failures and successes should never be based on the parameters of others. What we deem as failure should be failure to us, giving us lessons for life. And what we deem success should be success for us, making life blissful.

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