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‘Liberation needed; Urgently’

Don’t Blame Him. You were at Fault !!

“He raped you. Don’t blame him. You were out late in the night.

He raped you. Don’t blame him. You wore skimpy clothes.

He raped you. Don’t blame him. You were drunk.”

She was his daughter-in-law. Her husband wasn’t  home.

Well, mistake No.1: Why was she home at all when her husband wasn’t there, with a ‘Paraya-Mard’ even if that ‘Paraya-Mard’ was her husband’s father, quite the age of her own father.

But on second thoughts, had she gone out she would have invited some other ‘Paraya-Mard’.

Neither home nor the world. What to do ‘judge saab’.

Okay! Let’s just spare her this time.

But, mistake no.2: She sure was home, but she should have worn proper clothes. What was she doing in that revealing night gown when her husband wasn’t around. She sure must have incited the father-in-law.

No, no, ‘judge saab’, poor woman was wearing a full sleeved ‘salwar-kameez’ .Infact, she even wore a ‘ghunghat’.

Oh! No. Another lapse. We’ll have to spare her the blame one more time.

Could she have been drunk then? That’s the only thing left in the list of ‘crimes’ that women commit to invite rape as a punishment.

What are you talking about ‘judge saab’? Drunk? Well, she had not even eaten. She was waiting for everybody else in the family to eat. She might not get anything to eat at all ‘judge saab’. Drinking water, for once is understandable. But alcohol, too expensive for a ‘bahu’ to afford. Besides, she’s the honour bearer of the family. How could have she been drunk.

Well, it turns out that she wasn’t raped by her father-in-law, father even more because the law says so.

No ‘judge saab’, she was raped. Now, medical reports don’t lie, do they?

Understand, you fool. She was home, she did not wear improper clothes, she did not even drink, how could have she been raped then?

Maybe it is not rape at all. I think it was consensual. The woman must have asked her father-in-law, father even more because the law says so, to sleep with her in the absence of her husband.

‘Judge Saab’, she’s a poor woman, she is prohibited to talk to the elderly male members of the family you see. How could have she asked him without having spoken to him.

Don’t try to twist the case. It is a case of clear INCEST. The woman is solely responsible for it. She has to, as a punishment, divorce her husband whom she will hereafter call son and has to marry her ex-father-in-law.

Well, this isn’t a story conceived out of imagination. This is dark truth. A father-in-law raped his daughter-in-law in the absence of his son, in Muzaffarnagar. The local authorities called it an act of adultery and incest, blaming the woman for having sexually provoked her father-in-law and asked her to call her husband ‘son’ further divorcing him.

Once again the double standards of the society got exposed. Once again the victim got blamed. Once again humanity got crushed under male chauvinism and patriarchy.

But this is not the only problem. The problem is way bigger and way more horrific.

A girl fell in love with a distant cousin and got married to him. A boy and a girl belonging to the same village got married to each other. What happened next? They were brutally killed. Why? Well, for having pulling down the honour of their family. For having committed incest.

Yes, incest is wrong. Yes, it is. But only when two individuals willingly indulge in it, thereby exercising individual freedom.  But it is absolutely alright when it is used as a garb for rape within the family. And then, only the woman is responsible. What double standards, I must say. Our society should be given a round of applause for this.

Well, in simple words, rape in any form, by anybody is plain WRONG.

Exercising individual freedom on the other hand, sorry society, is not.`

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