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It’s time for Resolutions

It’s that time of the year again where the gyms will be surprisingly full of aspirational youngsters and adults both, hoping to change their ways this year. It’s a funny thing how our mind’s work isn’t it, because what really is a new year? After a night of heavy drinking and partying, we go back to the same jobs, the same friends and the same life, yet we want to believe that something has changed. It’s really just another day, a flip of the calendar at most. Nevertheless, our constant need to label things sets in, calls for a new year, and for us to tell ourselves that this will be the year.

The most common resolutions of all time include becoming a morning person, exercise, get in in shape, live a healthier lifestyle, make more friends or get in touch with old ones, socialize more, travel more, and so on. Sounds familiar? Did you check off at-least one or two from your list? It’s the same resolutions every year, and hardly do we actually get around to doing any. Here’s the thing, we want to change our lives without really changing ourselves. Each of these things is a process and takes time to accomplish. They take will power and can only happen when we really set our mind to them, and are willing to start small and work our way up. They take much more than the beginning of a new year and a change in the calendar. Instead, what we do is decide, this is the year I lose 10 KGs because it’s a new year.

Time-stamps in a way, are the ultimate form of procrastination. I will do it this year, easily becomes I will start in February, since this months almost over. We wake up 15 minutes late for the workout, and today becomes tomorrow, tomorrow becomes next week, which becomes next month and soon enough we’re at the next year. If you’re one of the people who actually believe you will do it this year, because it’s a new year and a new chapter, your thinking is flawed. You are still conditioning your mind to wait for a perfect ‘time’ which does not exist. So this year, forget the calendar and focus on the now. Make this your most important resolution this year, everything you want to do, do it now. When your eyes open at 6:17 a.m., stop telling yourself you’ll wake up at 6:30 to round it off. Jump out of bed, and get going with life.

By all means, make other resolutions. There is always room for change and always room for improvement in everyone’s life and personalities. Make a list if you want to, but go beyond just that. Also figure out ways in which you can accomplish and fulfill your resolutions.

The best way to stick to your resolutions is to start small. If you’re serious about it, pick the most important things and take them one at a time. Do you want to get healthy? Start with waking up early for a simple walk and monitoring your water intake for the first one or two weeks. Once you’re used to that, stock up your fridge with fruits and chart out a meal plan. Once that has set in, focus on your exercise. This way at least you don’t outdo yourself and spend the rest of the year trying to keep up with all the promises you made yourself, and beating yourself up about it. This year actually do things rather than just saying you want to. Turn your resolutions into challenges and accomplishments rather than just empty promises.

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