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How Social Media won in 2015 – Part 1

Social Media and digital advertising have taken the world by storm of late; however, there have been instances where it’s benefits have extended beyond businesses to give voice to humanity. As much as we may criticize the negative aspects of it, social media has connected people in ways that are unimaginable. Not only it was become a way for people to connect but also a powerful and united voice when it need be. Take the year 2015 for example, where various platforms such as Facebook, or Twitter became the means for the general public to come together and speak up, and thus force the authorities to take action. These are the touching stories of 2015 in India that went viral, and for good reason.

Twitter helped reunite mother & 3 children

Sometime around March, a journalist Abhishek Shukla had noticed 3 children huddled alone at a New Delhi railway station. Abhishek Shukla tried to speak to them and find out if they were lost, however the children were unresponsive. Upon calling a helpline he was told they’d get back to him. In a moment of helplessness, he turned to Twitter, and was flooded with help. He posted a picture of the children as king for help, which was circulated tagging the Delhi Deputy Commissioner Madhur Verma who decided to take action directly. The children were safely returned to their mother.

Help for the victims of Chennai Floods

The Chennai floods were a tragic event, which claimed atleast 188 lives. The entire nation of India was trying to find ways in which to help out, including utilizing the Internet. Online forms were passed around to volunteer to shelter those in need of a home. Apps were created to have donation goods picked up from your home and delivered. Social Media platforms were further used to spread the word about hotlines, possible shelters and donations to those who were stranded. The hashtag #ChennaiRainsHelp was created solely for the purpose of spreading the word about ways in which help could be provided.

Tweet to railway minister sends food to hungry students on train

The students of Asian School, Dehradun had been stranded on their way to a school trip from Haridwar to Howrah. Their train was delayed for about 7 hours and had no pantry available. A single weet sent out informing the minister of the same, had food packets and water delivered to the hungry kids. Not leaving kids in hunger, and such a quick response, that’s winning hearts.

When a 65-Year-old man got his broken typewriter back 

On September 19th, Ashutosh Tripathi had shared the story of Kishan Kumar on Facebook. Kishan Kumar was the 65-year-old man who had been working as a Hindi typist outside the Lucknow General Post Office for the last 35 years. Pradeep Kumar, an inspector allegedly used force to remove street vendors from the said area, including Pradeep Kumar, and broke his typewriter as passers-by and reporters watched on and the old man begged and pleaded for his only source of income. The story was so heartbreaking it went viral on Facebook with 19,000 shares in a few hours. Varun Grover who wished to locate the old man to replace his typewriter shared the story on Twitter. With enough support he was successful, and Kishan Kumar had a brand new typewriter, as well as financial support from many. Eventually, the Police Department was forced to take action and the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister’s office issued an apology, got Kishan Kumar a new typewriter and suspended Inspector Pradeep Kumar.

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