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Entering College !!

Board exams are over, and it is time for students to prepare to go to college. While leaving school makes one feel a sense of nostalgia, entering college fills one with a greater amount of thrill.

While entering college changes life for the better as one leaves the sheltered environment of school and enters the real world, the initial days can be quite unsettling. But if this unsettling period is dealt with some patience and time, college soon becomes one’s comfort zone.

We all are students of life, and whether a student or a teacher, the main purpose of our endevours is to learn. One of the most important aspects that helps a student is a will and desire to learn as much as possible.

Teaching and studying go hand in hand. While a student learns from a teacher, a teacher in turn learns from a student as well. The first year of college is one of the most unsettling periods of one’s life. A completely new environment, with a completely new set of ethos, is difficult to adapt to. But one virtue that surely helps a student is patience. Keeping patience as things begin to settle and finally do by the mid of first year for most students, is very important. College is a place where one grows as an individual. The various activities available at college, along with the curriculum, are what contribute to this overall growth of a student. What becomes important in such a scenario is time management. Every day has 24 hours and everybody gets 24 hours, equally. Not a minute more, not a minute less. Those who manage these hours properly, keep a priority list to do things that are more important before the ones that are less important, win, while the others remain struggling. A healthy relationship between a teacher and hos students, where the learning process, makes for the best class and the best students.

College, considered to be one of the best phases of a person’s life is also the phase that teaches one some of the most important lessons of adult life. It gives you some friends for a lifetime and plays a pivotal role in shaping one’s personality.

To all the students, who have just taken their board exams, get ready for a roller coaster ride, and have the best time of your life. All the best, have fun.

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