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Easy & Healthy Resolutions

As stated in a previous article, resolutions are not the best way to go to bring about change. The reason being that such thinking of bringing about change based on the calendar conditions you to wait for the perfect ‘time’ to do something, which does not exist. It leads to a spiral of “It’s too late now, I’ll try tomorrow”, and “It’s already Thursday, I’ll try next week”. When it comes to changing for the better, now is always the best time! Nevertheless, if you are inspired to take on a couple of promises to improve your lifestyle for the better, but don’t have your list yet, here’s a way to start. Below are a couple of very easy to accomplish and impactful practices you can take on this year.

  1. Smile more

It may sound silly, but it has tremendous effects on your mental health. Let them call you self-obsessed but if a couple of selfies bring a smile to your face, bring them on! Make an effort to smile at those you meet through out the day, and let it spread like a virus!

  1. Unwind with silliness

It may feel great to unwind with a glass of wine and a bubble bath, but it’s not the only way! Ever heard of someone tell you, the best way to unwind for them at the end of the day is with their children or pets? It’s the silliness to your adult day that the little ones bring that helps you relax. Call up a friend, crack a few jokes, or have a pillow fight with your boy/girl to bring on the giggles!

  • Drink more water

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Start off by setting a timer to remind you to drink water every 30 minutes and gulp down two glasses. DO NOT IGNORE THE TIMER. It’ll take about two to three weeks for your body to make it a habit and remind you naturally.

  • Add more color

To your wardrobe, to your friends, to your walls, and to your food! Pick up fruits and vegetables of all different colours you see, to make sure you’re getting a good fill of vitamins without the additional stress of meal plans.

  • Indulge in nature

Nature is food for the body, mind and soul together. Every now and then get out of your four walls to feast your eyes on some greenery, get away to breathe some fresh air, and feel the earth below your toes.

  • Not a morning person? Not a problem

If you’re not a morning person and simply don’t like to do anything more than a quick shower and breakfast before your workday, you don’t have to force yourself to be. All you need is an extra 15 minutes. Those extra 15 minutes don’t have be spent doing something, but just help make sure you don’t start your day in a frenzy if things don’t go your way. For example, the roommate takes an extra 5 in the bathroom, or the cat does his business outside the litter. You never know, right?

  • Wake up happy and sleep happy

This one is the simplest of them all and might even sound strange, but it’s also the most important. What are your first thoughts when you wake up? It’s probably to check your phone, or consider if you have another 15 minutes to sleep. Then kicks in the mental list of everything you have to do in your day and so on. Here’s what you do instead, when you wake up, before your feet hit the floor and your mind starts racing, smile and tell yourself that today you choose to be happy. Take a few deep breaths to still your mind, then get on with your morning routine in a calm fashion. Similarly, before you sleep, let go of the bad in the day and be thankful for the good.

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