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DIY – Mason Jar Candle holder

DIY is the new mantra for youngsters today, and some young mom’s too! It might have picked up a little late in India, but it is now the new jugaad. Everywhere we go, we can see lights made from wine bottles, and wine bottles painted and stuffed with fairy lights. My personal favorite is the Mason jar, with its versatile and creative uses. Remember the days when Mason jars were used only to store food? How naïve were we!

In this article I will show you how to create an adorable candle center-piece using a Mason Jar. This is an absolute favorite of mine and it is rather easy to make! All you need is 10 minutes and you can have yourself this beauty:


What you will need:

A Mason Jar, a baby food jar and a small jam bottle.

Painters Tape, or heart shaped stickers

Sharp Knife

Black Chalkboard Spray paint, or acrylic black paint

Colorful string

Step one – Scrub the jars clean and let them dry off completely. First, soak your jars in lukewarm water with some washing detergent to get rid of the stains and labels. It’s very important that you use spot-less clean jars that won’t affect the paint.

Step 2 – Place a strip of the painters tape on the jars and draw a heart. Use your knife to cut around the heart and remove the excess tape, leaving just the heart taped to the jar. As I couldn’t find painter’s tape, I simply used a heart shaped sticker.


Step 3 – Spray paint your jar evenly. Here, black chalkboard spray paint works best, however, I have used an acrylic black paint which also worked out beautifully.

Step 4 – Once the paint has dried off, carefully remove the heart sticker from the center. For added appeal, I’ve added little dotted white lines around the heart using white acrylic paint. Take a colored string of your preference, layer it and wrap it around the top of the jar.


Place your tea-light candles within, and that’s it! As you can see, this is a pretty simple DIY and the results are absolutely gorgeous. If you’re feeling creative, experiment with different shapes in the middle, or different colors. I also made a slightly altered version of the same for a baby shower gift, as you can see in the image below. All you need is a cut out sticker of any shape you want in the middle or, if you’re confident, you can free hand it like I did! Don’t forget to show us your outcome in the comments. Enjoy!


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