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Let’s Learn From the Difficult People you meet In Life


We meet a lot of people in our life. There are people whom you deal with in the best possible manner, some they appreciate you. There are also few people who know how to push your buttons and they are the difficult people in your life. However, you can learn a lot from these “difficult people”.  Let’s not forget that these challenging people or situations present us the opportunities for learning and growth.  Do we only watch them or let them take control of our life or can we also make optimal use of these difficult people?

Let’s make the best of every situation in our life. There are people whom we least enjoy in life what if those were the only people who enhanced our life. How powerful that would have been?

There’s lot that we can learn from the difficult people you encounter each day:

  1. Whenever you are stuck in a situation where it’s difficult to avoid, and you are stuck dealing with that person. Learn to be patient. It’s the best opportunity to Learn Patience.
  2. Dealing with some people, it is likely to find your mood and emotions take a turn for worse. Make the best use if such stressful situation and work on your self-control. That’s where you can take advantage of other person’s presence and use it to fuel your skills. That’s how you learn to manage your emotions. 
  3. How much do we know about our own self? Just give it a thought and find out, why does a particular person drive you crazy? You will find in most of the cases that people you dislike have similar characteristics that you have and yet you dislike them. To find out more about these people, identify the people around you whom you dislike the most and see if you can learn about yourself a bit.
  4. When surrounded with challenges and situations, one effective way is to keep your focus on resolution, that’s the best way to be patient and manage your emotions. When your attention is on solution of the situation and your thoughts are centered on the same, then the emotions can’t get the best of you. That’s the best way to gain an enhanced ability to focus.
  5. Relax and allow things to unfold. The best time to practice relaxation is when you are under the gun with someone. Relaxation will bring down the stress and it will have lot of benefits. It’s definitely good for your health and the situation too. Hence, the key is to practice relaxation techniques.
  6. Influencing friends is not a very challenging task. The ultimate test of people-skills is when you can influence an enemy. Try all possible ways to get the other person on your side. It’s possible and with practice your abilities will improve quickly. Hence, it is essential to learn how to influence others.
  7. Learn the art to let go. Why to allow any negative interaction to ruin your day or even your week? It’s not worth suffer for long time, it rather silly. Enjoy the rest of the day. Put a full stop and decide not to think about it. The internal conversation with yourself can only continue to haunt you if you allow it. Learn to bring your attention in the present. With practice it’s possible.
  8. We come across many difficult people who have painful reasons that explain their behavior. You never know what’s going on in someone else’s life and it’s not certain. Whatever they say, avoid taking their words or their behavior personally. It is possible that they are going through a very tough phase, where they might be going through a divorce, a death in the family, physical abuse or some serious financial challenges or something that we can never think of. Let’s acknowledge the fact, and learn to be compassionate and forgiving. We all know that the kindest of people have a bad day or even a bad decade. Let’s learn to forgive others.

The skills that we develop with always come handy. It’s a wonderful gift for us, by people who challenge our thoughts and emotions. You will really miss an excellent opportunity for growth if you’re not using these challenging people and situations to your benefit. Let us learn from the difficult people in your life and make difficult be the best for you.

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