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Daily Exercises to Self Improve

Howsoever, well accomplished you might be, room for improvement is always there, if not for others, but for your own self. It is better to self improve because it feels better to you, for your family, children, work place or where ever you are. Not only make your presence noticed but absence felt. Its worth its while, all the way:

1. For your EYES: See the everlasting beauty of Human Kindness. Do at least one act of Kindness every day (there is no upper limit).

2. For your TONGUE: Speak from the heart. You will, then, be naturally soft speaking. Say what you mean mean what you say. Speak only when words spoken improve the silence.

3, For the FACE: SMILE, often and at anyone. SMILE is the most inexpensive way of improving your looks. Smile and brighten the corner where you are.

4. For the EARS: Speak less but listen more. Patient Listener is more popular than a Good Speaker. Be an Attentive Listener.

5. For the BRAIN: Embrace Positivity, shun negativity. THINK WELL of others. Spread Goodness. Goodness will only rebound.

6. For the FEET: 45 minutes daily walk keeps you Fit and Healthy, since all your Wealth amounts to Naught, if you cannot enjoy it. And there is only one of enjoying wealth. That is to be in Good Health. While you walk, walk towards Knowledge and Wisdom for yourself for others.

7. For your NOSE: Inhale the Good, Exhale the bad. Both are there in plenty, in people, situations and circumstances. Its all up to you to choose Negativity or Positivity. Get out of the habit of Complaining, Criticizing, Blaming and Grumbling. These might be tempting but so is negativity. Shun them.

8. For your STRENGTH: Mental toughness is your real Strength. Never be afraid of Adversities in life. Even when confronted by a multitude of Griefs and adversities, if you stand boldly without excepting defeat, he shall see the defeat itself depart utterly defeated. However, you are defeated only when you accept defeat. If you do not accept defeat, no one can ever defeat you ever.

9. For your HEART: Treat people with your Heart, not Mind. Treat them well. You go up in the ladder of life with others Help and Cooperation. So they, your workers, associates or subordinates, should be with you from Heart. You cannot succeed much in life unless others support you and support you well.

10. Four you SOUL: Always maintain your connectivity with God through Prayers which are not only rituals but also our Good Deeds which is to Help, Give Share and Care.

Lastly, Money is Important. Learn its Correct Perspective early in life. Never be Greedy because Greed is insatiable and Never lets you enjoy what you have because it always focus on what you don’t have. Unless you Value what you have, you will never be able to enjoy what you want.

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