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Battling the Cold Weather

Winters can be absolutely blissful – the warm socks, cozy sweaters and cups of hot chocolate shared over endless laughs and stories. However, more often than not, they are spent battling a cold, cough and what seems like a never-ending spell of lethargy. There’s an easy way to fight out all the negative aspects and turn the gloomy, snotty days into more cozy ones.

Fighting Lethargy

The hardest part of the winter is probably leaving the comfort of your warm and cozy blanket to get to work. It feels nearly impossible for some of us to get out of that lazy mode. There’s an easy solution to that: Drink one to two glasses of lukewarm water as soon as you wake up. This will purify your body and keep you feeling light and energetic through the day.

Create Warmth with Food

The first things we reach for during the cold weather are our mugs of hot cocoa and coffee. However, sugar and sugary food should be avoided during a season of abundant colds as they feed infection and bacteria, and consequently lowering your immunity. Use some honey or sweetener instead. On the other hand, pulses and whole grains help create warmth from within that will last longer.

Avoid Dry Flaky Skin

Dry skin is one of the bigger enemies during the cold weather. Switch to an oil-based cream during the winter rather than your regular water based one. The protective layer created on your skin by the oil retains more moisture than a regular cream. For a flaky scalp giving you dandruff, start applying oil regularly (at least once a week for a few hours, then wash it out) to your scalp. Opt for tea tree, coconut or olive oil.

Home remedies for the common cold and cough

The common cold and flue can be easily cured with some ingredients from your own kitchen. Turmeric helps build immunity, while mustard and ajwain seeds help cure colds and coughs, as well as stimulate appetite and improve circulation. Winters also bring with them bone and joint problems for some, which can be aided by adding mint leaves to your food and drink. Garlic is also a great remedy for a nasty cold. Although there are many medications available to dry up your runny nose, it is actually better for you to get all that mucus out of your body, and garlic does just that. Add garlic to your meals during the winters for a short-term treatment and also a long-term fortification against flus and viruses.

To create your own home-made cough syrup, all you need is to combine some raw honey with a little bit of lime juice, herbs and cinnamon. Since honey does not spoil, you can even store this in your fridge and use when you feel you’re coming down with a cold.

On the other hand, if you’ve already come down with a sore throat, you can help soothe the itchiness by sipping on to some tea. The warm liquid will not only soothe your sore throat but also help you relax. For an added boost of healthy try green tea or ginger tea.

Stay Hydrated

This is probably the most important piece of advice anyone would give you during winters. It might sound silly, but think about how much your water intake reduces during the cold season. Among the hot cocoas, warm coffees and green teas, most people really forget to drink water in the cold season. This leads to an end no. of problems, including dry skin, indigestion and is the main cause for lethargy. If you can’t remember to drink regular water, get yourself a cup of warm water with some mint-leaves, honey and lime-juice and keep sipping on to it. It will help strengthen your immune system, keep you hydrated and warm!

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