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Healthy eating means eating a variety of foods from the four food groups to feel good and maintain your health. Eating well along with being active can also lower your risk of disease and help you reach–and maintain–a healthy weight.
When bad habits become common practice, you can end up with weight gain, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and a host of other potential health problems.

1: Poor Meal Planning
“Time” is one of the biggest barriers to healthy eating, but last-minute decisions often lead to fast-food and pizza delivery. Taking a few minutes to plan out weekly meals will save  calories,  and time in the long run.

2: Skipping Home Cooked Food
Restaurants and take-out will always mean super-sized portions, along with more calories and sodium. Make the effort to take home cooked meals .

3: Too Many Processed Foods
Salty and fatty convenience foods that have been stripped of nutrients are everywhere you turn. Opt for mostly fresh and whole foods that  help you make the smartest choices when you do go for more highly processed goods.

4: Too Much Added Sugar
Aside from the donuts , cupcakes  and mithais  that we  already eat too much of it. Not forgetting the chai – coffee too. Take a note of the sugar you consume and reduce the intake eventually.

5: Mindless Eating
Instead of just eating when hungry, many of us grab food when we’re bored, tired, stressed, happy, sad – you name it!

6: Eating on the Run
Leaving the house for a busy day without packed snacks lead to  diet disaster. Even  meals that are too processed, too heavy, and too much on your waistline.

7: Avoid Liquid Calories
It’s easy to forget that calories from soda and other sugar beverages! Sip on calorie-free beverages like water or coconut water.

8: Not Eating Enough Throughout The Day
Less definitely isn’t always more! Not taking in enough calories throughout the day lowers energy levels. Gives you a starving feeling and leads to overeating later on. Avoid stuffing yourself into the afternoon and evening by spreading out calories starting with a healthy breakfast.

Hope this helps you with your healthy eating habit and breaking your old unhealthy ones!

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