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5 things you will understand if you a DU student.

The University of Delhi, one of the most prestigious universities in the country. Delhi University is full of warmth and affection. Once you come here, it gives you memories for a lifetime. It is one of the best places to be at. Ask a DU student what he/she loves about Delhi, and prompt will be the answer; college. If you are a DU student, things that you didn’t even have an idea about in school, hold a completely different meaning in your life now. Here is a list of five things that you will understand if you belong to DU.

  1. Attendance.

While in school, attendance meant only a register early in the morning and a roll call to which ‘present Ma’am’ was the commonest response. But once you enter Delhi University, attendance becomes your lifeline. Since attendance has marks, those who are regular in class get an extra edge over those who aren’t so regular, in the overall percentage. Every class has a roll call, and this becomes the reason of why each of your professors knows you by name since the very first semester itself.



2. Cultural Festivals.

The months of February and March hold a completely different meaning for students of Delhi University. While students appearing for board exams across the country sit anxiously at home, doing last minute revisions, Delhi University students have a gala time in these two months. All thanks to the cultural festivals. From celebrity concerts to dance and debate competitions, from street play events to fairs, DU fests have all that make for the best cultural festivals. These are the times when most students don’t go to class, since they are busy competing in some college or the other.

Delhi University Cultural Festivals


3. Societies.

From dramatics to dance, from Indian to Western music, from Economics to English, Delhi University colleges have a plethora of societies. Most students are part of atleast one society in college, and most of their college memories come to identify with their society. Being a part of a DU society is a complete treat. Apart from this, these societies, bases on the interest of the students help them to mould their personality and skills with respect to the careers they wish to choose.

Delhi University Societies


4. Elections.

Delhi University elections, as the newspapers make it clear during the time of elections, are a big affair. With election campaigns going on in every part of the university, the event makes for a very interesting and colourful one. Most importantly, Delhi University student leaders have come to become national leaders, leading the country to its zenith. The student union of Delhi University and its colleges, is a very well organized one, all thanks to the wonderfully designed election system. Delhi University students get the general elections feel every year.

Delhi University elections


5. Celebrity Alumni.

Kirori Mal College, famously known as Amitabh Bachchan’s college, and Hansraj College, famously known as Shahrukh Khan’s college, Delhi University colleges are known to have produced some of the best minds and talent in the country. Students feel proud to be a part of a heritage that is so rich.

amitabh Bachan


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