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5 Things to do to keep healthy within the confines of a busy life.

The twenty first century has come to embody technological advancements and a comfortable lifestyle. The world is running fast, and so are we. But there is no way out. Success in these times does not come easy. And one is meant to toil day in and day out to achieve some level of success. Our lifestyled may have become very comfortable, but the fact that they are equally unhealthy cannot be denied. In this fast paced life our health is the one thing that suffers major negligence. While we cannot stop walking hand in hand with the world around, following some basic tips for a healthy body and a healthy mind is all one needs.

1. Eat on time.


A fast paced life, and a huge number of citizens live away from home for jobs and higher education. In such a scenario eating healthy homemade food becomes diffucult and we begin banking upon junk food to fill our bellies. But even if we eat a great amount of fast food and very little healthy food, eating at the right time is important. All we need to take care of is to eat three meals a day, at approxumately the same time everyday. If this is not tajen carEat on timee of, the body clock gets disturbed and leads to illnesses of all kinds. Eating at the right time can make all the difference. While eating healthy food is essential in itself, the right time is all the more significant.

2. Exercise a little.


A hectic life is a modernized world entails no or little body movement. But the human body is like a machine. If not made to work regularly it may rust like all machines are wont to. To avoid this rusting, all we need to do is make some time to take a walk in the morning or in the evening, or just just exercise a bit at home itself. Just a little movement can help the body stay fit and young for long.

3. Drink lots of water.

Woman drinking from water bottle

Seventy percent of our body is made up of water. Through the day our body loses a lot of body fluid through different means. To compensate this loss we need to constantly drink watet and other fluids. The human body needs approximately 2.5 litres of water every day. A drop in this amount affects tje metabolism of the body causing various sicknesses. The right amount of water can keep the body healthy without much effort.

4. Take the right amount of sleep.


Our lives have become so hectic that we either don’t sleep for days at a stretch, or sleep too much in one go. Both these patterns of sleeping are disastrous for our health. No sleep or excessive sleep disturbs the body cycle, causing a number of medical disorders. Taking a good night’s sleep that ranges between five to seven hours can work wonders for our health.

5. Smile a lot.

Most of our health issues arise out of the stress we take in daily life. This stress builds up and causes medical problems. This problem can be solved by practicing the simple technique of smiling. If one smiles through problems and troubles without losing one’s, the internal system is bound to stay healthy.

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