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Calendar of Resolutions !


It is now, or never. One often feels burdened with habits that are either bad for one’s health or act as some kind of hindrance in one’s life. But that’s the thing about most unhealthy habits. Despite being aware of the repercussions, they are tough to let go, for one reason or another. But, what a desire to break free cannot do as easily can be managed by a strategically laid out plan.


Every time we wish to stop indulging in a habit of yore any longer, we are required to stop and begin anew, and what better time than an entirely New Year for a fresh start. Why not welcome the New Year with a gift to yourself? Make it a point to eliminate one bad habit every month, and practice self-restraint and discipline the entire month. By the end of the month, you’d feel as if the bad habit that had plagued your well-being for so long didn’t even exist.

Here is a month-wise list of things you can include in your routine for a healthier, happier, and a more successful life.

  1. January

Since this is just the beginning of the year, you might want to start slow, and take one step at a time. Who would want to be burdened with huge changes right at the onset of a fresh dawn. Welcome the first day of January by waking up early in the morning, and going to bed at a reasonable time at night. It is bound to be tough in the beginning, but once you force yourself to wake up early for a week, you’ll realize that you actually like beginning the day early, as it helps you finish a huge amount of work early in the day itself, and keeps you fresh throughout the day.

So, make January your wake up early month.


  1. February

Since you’d have come into a habit of rising with the rising sun, adding a workout session isn’t a bad idea after all. A little exercise in the morning makes the rest of the day fruitful, keeps you healthy both physically and mentally. You do not have to go to a gym to stay fit. Just take a walk, or run once you’re done with your early morning chores. An investment of merely 30 minutes in a workout session, can do wonders for your life. Persistent exercise for over a week, and you’d not be able to go a day without it.

Once again, make February your workout month.


  1. March

One cannot function optimally without a nutritious meal at the onset of the day. Our metropolitan lifestyles are such that mornings have come to be equivalent to rushing from the bedroom to the bathroom, and from the bathroom to our respective offices. Missing breakfast has become more of a trend. But that’s one of the most unhealthy habits, leading to major diseases early on in life. Getting out of bed early gives you enough time, and an exercise routine enough motivation to get a bowl of cornflakes with milk and honey, each morning.

Get set to make March the breakfast month.


  1. April

Keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day is the best way to function well. Enough water in the body not only keeps you physically agile, but boosts your mental stamina too. Carry a bottle of water wherever you go, and keep sipping some through day. By the end of the day you’d have had the amount required by your body ideally.

Make April your bottle of hope.


  1. May

Gyms are the new homes to youngsters and each of them wants a perfect body. But a sound mind is as important as a fit body. Adding a short meditation session to your routine can help greatly. You can begin with meditating for 2 minutes in the first week, and go up to 15 minutes by the end of the month. Once you begin, you’ll realize you can concentrate better with an enhanced memory.

May is the month to go.


  1. June

Ever since social media got a boost and overpowered our lives like never before, cases of depression, anxiety, and detachment despite always being connected have only been on the rise. Do yourself a favour, and cut down on your social media usage, one step at a time. In no time at all, you’ll realize you feel happier, and have more time to accomplish the more important things in life.

Let June be your month of peace.

  1. July

Reading is known to not only be one of the best activities for leisure, but also to keep the brain healthy. Reading for 30 minutes every day is known to boost memory, and keep at bay diseases like Alzheimer’s. You can begin by reading magazine articles, news pieces, and fiction or non-fiction in general, for 15 minutes every day, and take it up to 30 to 45 minutes by the end of the month. This habit is sure to boost not just mental  alertness but also your self-confidence.

Be ready to make July the bookworm month.

  1. August

Incredible for the taste buds, junk food is as harmful for health. It’s the primary reason for growing obesity in youngsters and all kinds of diseases that they are compelled to grapple with even before adulthood. Consuming junk food once in a while isn’t a bad idea but with each day of this month begin eliminating junk food from your regular diet, to live a healthier, longer, and disease free life.

Let August be burger free.


  1. September

Most youngsters today begin drinking, smoking, and consuming other intoxicants early on, mostly getting addicted and generating a hugely negative impact on their health and life in general. The harmful effects of these habits aren’t a subject that’s new to anybody. Set September aside to begin cutting down on whatever form of intoxication you’re addicted to. It’s going to seem like an impossible task in the beginning, but with a little effort each day, you’ll be able to cut down immensely by the end of the month.

The no-smoking month.

  1. October

Hectic schedules, busy lives, and what mostly suffers is our health as we snack indiscriminately as and when we find moments of peace. What’s worse is the fact that these are mostly high calorie quick snacks that make us feel full at the moment, but affect our overall health adversely. Make it a point to carry fruits with you for hunger pangs between meals. One fruit every day, and you are going to feel healthier than ever.


  1. November

Busy and hectic lives often lead to emotional torpidity, and we all need a vent once in a while for sound emotional health. Maintaining a journal to simply pen down what you feel about the people in your life, about events, or even about your own self can turn out to be greatly rewarding, making you feel whole and emotionally stable.

The vent-it-all-out month it is.


  1. December

We’re all social animals, and however much we may like our moments of solitude, we do need company every now and then. A healthy social life is one of the best ways to stay happy and psychologically and mentally healthy. Not only does it give you some time off the drudgery of work, but also relaxes you acquainting you with new ideas and perspectives from the people you meet.

The socializing month can jolly well end in a great New Year’s party.

The idea behind taking up a single thing every month and practicing it for the rest of the month is to induce disciple towards that particular thing, so it can be sustained as part of your personality for the rest of your life. Once these habits become your way of life, there’s nothing that you can’t achieve.

What are you waiting for? Make this New Year fruitful in all its essence. Have a happy one.

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