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Stepping into college, leaving the cocooned life behind makes one feel a sense of ultimate freedom. But with the cocoon, what also gets left behind is a set of friends and supporters who accepted you and loved you without an external motivation. As soon as you enter college, you meet a plethora of all sorts of people you have no idea about the lives of. And soon enough you need a social group to be able to survive in the new environment, both psychologically and emotionally. But being able to have a support group that also keeps up with your expectations of the kind of people you like, or want to hang out with is difficult. And more often than not, in the bet to fit in, one falls into the trap of pretentions and trying all sorts of supposedly cool things.

Smoking is one such trap. Many try it as an announcement of their newfound liberty, many do to simply fit in and not come across prudish. While a very small percentage halt at the trying stage, a huge group becomes addicted to the habit, and before they even realize, the damage becomes serious.

Social spaces across the world deem smoking a ‘cool’ habit, that they often justify calling it a stress buster between breaks during classes or at work. But when this recreational harmless seeming routine takes the form of serious addiction, one does not even know.

Here are some severe adverse effects that this habit in known to cause and ways in which the urge to keep plunging deeper can be controlled and done away with completely, with time and perseverance. While one should be responsible enough to not become an addict after having satisfied the curiosity of what it is exactly like to let that cloud of smoke out after having sucked in a puff, it is never too late to quit and come back to a healthy lifestyle.


  1. It’s basically slow poison causing all kinds of cancers.

The fact that tobacco causes cancer is no revelation. And with smoking the risk of cancers increases because it contributes to not one kind, but various kinds of cancers, like mouth, throat, lungs.


  1. Increases the risk of alzheimer’s disease.

Smoke along with nicotine is known to cause an intoxicating effect on the brain, the very effect that causes the addiction. This effect has also been found to lower brain activity and power with time, increasing the risk of alzheimer’s disease.


  1. Increases the risk of heart attacks.

It is a well known fact that those who have a history of heart disease in the family should refrain from smoking, as the smoking causes blood vessels and arteries to constrict, confining blood flow, thereby increasing the risk of heart attacks.


  1. Lowers brain activity.

While alzheimer’s disease comes a lot later in life, the reduced brain activity due to constant intoxication that smoking causes, affects daily life adversely. The brain begins to feel clouded all the time, and concentration power gets hampered to a great extent.


  1. Spoils the digestive system.

Smoking is known to cure constipation and help in cleaning the bowels. But what one forgets in the entire bargain is the fact that not only does the digestive system become accustomed to the effect of smoking for proper functioning, but also makes the muscles of the digestive system weak and unable to perform without external support, after a point.


  1. Is a very expensive addiction.

Other than the tens of serious health hazards that smoking places smokers in the midst of, another factor that makes smoking bad is the cost that it incurs. Cigarettes, the world over cost a lot of money, making the addiction heavy on the pockets.


  1. Affects stamina.

While smoking reduces brain activity, the reduction in blood flow to the body due to the constriction of blood vessels results in a reduction in the body’s strength to carry out physical activity too, known as a loss of stamina in scientific terms.

Ways to quit.

One may get absolutely appalled with the sheer number of the health hazards associated with smoking, the fact that it is never too late to quit remains. It is surely difficult to get rid of an addiction, but not impossible. Here are ways of beginning to take the first step towards quitting.

  1. Nicotine chewing gums.

These chewing gums contain nicotine, the usage of which keeps the body’s requirement of nicotine. There are steps on how to consume these, that include the reduction of the number of gums to be chewed in a day, resulting in the body’s need for nicotine to decrease and eventually be done away with completely.

  1. Will power and a will to live a longer and healthier life.

Ways like the usage of nicotine chewing gums, are galore, but the most important requirement to quit smoking is a will to quit. If one develops a will to live a healthier life, there’s nothing in this world that can stop him from quitting.


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