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5 Ways to keep your brain healthy!

According to an age old saying, “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body.” We all know that for a human being to function properly, the mind and the body need to work in conjunction with each other, without any kind of compromise on the health of either. The fact is that if either begins to deteriorate, the other suffers inevitably.

While the body can still withstand blows of disease and sickness, and holds the power of recovering by itself in due course, the degeneration of mental faculties takes much longer to heal, affecting the quality of life in worse ways than can be imagined. It is justifiably as essential to keep the mind healthy, as it is to keep the body fit, to be able to live a long and healthy life in the long run.

Depression, anxiety, amnesia, are the common mental health issues that are on the rise with globalization setting new records. With every other person suffering  psychologically, or emotionally, these issues are being treated more rapidly, as they are being talked about more widely. But at the same time there are illnesses that damage the brain more seriously, and in some cases irreparably. Schizophrenia, alzhimer’s, etc., are some of those dreaded names.

Keeping the mind healthy from one’s own end isn’t a herculean task either. Here are few tips on how to begin taking care of the mind, while you sweat at the gym for the perfect body.

  1. Eat a balanced diet.

If the brain isn’t supplied with the required nutrients, it will cease to function well. Just like our physical health, our mental health also depends on good and healthy food, making it all the more essential to eat a balanced diet.

  1. Indulge in physical activity of some kind or the other.

Physical activity results in the release of toxins that get built up in the body. These toxins keep the mind clouded and hamper its growth and agility, making it vital to get rid of these toxins regularly.


  1. Read on a daily basis.

Acquiring the knowledge of new words every day, and indulging in reading fiction that promotes imagination, has been scientifically proven to increase brain activity, and keep the brain healthy. If one is not interested in fiction, reading non-fiction is as good. What is important is to keep the brain active with the act of reading and filling it with new information every now and then. People who read for at least 30 minutes every day, have been known to live better and healthier lives.

Our brain is a storehouse of information, memories, and the list goes on endlessly. Like the body, the brain needs rest to function with full vigor. It is a known fact that the brain keeps working even while one is asleep. In such a scenario, it is imperative to adopt ways like meditation to give rest to the brain, so it can relax and release all negative thoughts out, retaining only the positive.


  1. Get away from computer screens and TVs at least 30 minutes before you sleep.

Closing computer, TV, and mobiles at least 30 minutes before you sleep at night is not only healthy but also necessary. Staring into a screen right before you sleep, lowers the production of melatonin, thereby making it tough to fall asleep at night. A window of 30 minutes before sleeping, helps the production of the hormone and makes you sleep better, which naturally keeps the brain healthy.

  1. Get enough sleep. Not more, not less.

Getting enough sleep is another factor indispensable when it comes to mental health. While the brain does work when one is asleep, the activity does slow down giving it rest. Not sleeping enough, or oversleeping keeps the brain clouded, resulting in long term damage.


  1. Stay away from narcotics, intoxicants.

Narcotics and intoxicants directly affect the brain as they alter the normal functioning of the brain to provide a sense of euphoria. While the state of intoxication may seem the best when one is at it, these substances hamper growth and affect the overall health of the brain, adversely.

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