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6 Winter Wear trend

It’s that time of the year again where leaving the warm, cozy bed in the mornings becomes the most difficult task of the day. It is also that time of year where the cute and sexy dresses shift to the back of the closet, and the thick, warm sweaters come out. For many fashion takes a back-seat and keeping warm becomes the only priority in life. Fortunately, for those of us in Pune, it is just cold enough to start experimenting with stockings and cute boots without freezing our legs off!

Here are a couple of ways to rock that party look while still keeping sufficiently warm.

  • Leather jacket, denims and scarf. 

This combination is super easy to pull off. Pair up your leather jacket and denims with a heavy scarf and you’ve turned your casual look into winter chic!

  • Woolen Skirt 2

Yes these exist, and they are absolutely perfect for the kind of weather we have in Pune during winters. Pair them with stockings, boots and a sweater in the winter, or wear them with your tank tops in the summer! They will work for you for all seasons!

  • Boots 3

Whether you like your boots tall or short, they will literally be your “sole-mates” for this season! Don them with your skirts, jeans, pants, leggings to complete your perfect winter-y look. Just don’t forget to fold up your jeans if you’re wearing the short ones. Camel coloured boots are your safest pick.

  • Sweater Crop Tops 4

Probably the best thing you can pick up for yourself this winter! These would look great with formal pants at work with a scarf or thick jacket and even more adorable with a short skirt and stockings for your party nights. A must-have this winter!

  • Rock the skirt 5

Doesn’t have a cropped sweater to pair your skirt with? No Problem! Tuck in your sweater in the front of your flared skirt and rock it.

  • Neutrals 6

Neutral sweaters are your best friends this season, since they can be paired with almost any kind of bottoms. At least one camel coloured sweater is a must-have!

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