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Right Colour for the Right Occasion

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The clothes you wear communicates a lot about the person you are and how you portray yourself. Different colours create different perceptions in the minds of people you meet and interact with.

Job Interview
So in the all-important job interview, what colour should you wear to make a great first impression? Black is considered “serious and reliable” and thought to be the most confident colour. We definitely recommend you pull out the noir when you’ve got a job interview or important meeting with the boss. Orange is considered the least effective in creating a professional first impression.

First Date
This one’s a no brainer. Red is definitely the best colour to wear on a first date. It’s seductive, it’s sexy and naughty. Considering a bold fire-truck red dress for your date is surely going to get the guy’s attention. Don’t own the perfect red dress? Don’t stress. Red lips and nails are a quick and easy way to pump up your look. It’s enticing and hot as hell!

The Best Colour to Wear When Saying “I’m Sorry” is white.Soft and serene, white gives the impression of being honest and truthful. Not that we encourage you to cheat and lie and wear white and apologize the next day. But we do hope the peace-loving colour creates peaceful energy.

Writing an exam
The answer to ‘What’s your favourite colour’ is almost always blue. It’s calming effect and illusion of trustworthiness makes it an ideal colour for taking exams. Maybe you won’t be under the invigilator’s scanner. It is also known to add a feeling of intuition which is definitely going to help you for your multiple choice questions.
While we urge you to dress for yourself make sure you also dress to impress! Keep in mind the colours but don’t forget to keep it super stylish. A boring and ill-fitted black pencil skirt won’t get you that job. The red sole of your louboutins however would impress in the boardroom as we ll as bedroom.

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