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Fashion Trends of 2015

Fashion is an ever-changing game, where trends come and go overnight. However some are here to stay for a lot longer, no matter the season or reason. This year may seem to be the year of the crop tops, but it’s a lot more than that. 2015 has brought us some amazing new trends, and has dug up some old retro ones too. Here are some of the trends that stood out to us, which we just can’t seem to get over.

Boyfriend jeansimg1

Distressed jeans seemed like a trend that would never fade out, and it truly didn’t. However, they did get a serious upgrade with the Boyfriend jeans. Also, what a relief to those who hated the blood-clotting skinny ones!

img2Cut up jeans

If you thought ripping your favorite pair of jeans was going the worst thing to happen to you, well, you were really very wrong. It’s now time to literally cut off a chunk from them and flaunt those legs. Match them with your crop tops, shirts, sweaters, or heels, anything goes!

Body jewelryimg3

Accessorizing also gotten a serious upgrade with body jewelry. These gorgeous pieces add flavor to any outfit, be it a cocktail party or beachwear. The delicate body chains add a sexy appeal and highlight your outfit with perfection.

img4Flash Tats

I’m nearly out of words for this crazy trend. If there was a competition for the most modern and new age trend, this one would take the prize hands down. Perfect for those who actually don’t like sporting jewelry or want to hit the beach waters without the hassle. The shimmering tattoos look good on any skin tone and are a definite eye-catcher.

Round shaped sunglassesimg5

If there was a favorite piece of accessory, it would be sunglasses. Protecting your eyes from the sun, highlighting your face and automatically adding that edge to your look. Also, so convenient for hiding those tired, hungover eyes. These round shaped retro glasses are back in style, and easily suit almost any face shape, oval, round, or square. If you love sunglasses as much we do, you need to get yourself a pair of these!

img6Block heeled shoes

After the boyfriend jeans another comfort for the ladies! Finally, you can put aside your painful stilettos and put on a block heeled pair to dance the night away. They are not only comfortable and fashionable, but extremely convenient too; match them with dresses, skirts, shorts for your day time or night time look.

Midi skirtsimg7

Flowy, flouncy and feminine! Pair it with a sexy dark colored crop top for your night time look, or a soft color for your girls’ brunch! You can easily pull off the skirt with a tucked in shirt for a more formal look, thanks to its modest length!

Mix and match

Want to change your wardrobe? Pick up some the items we’ve listed and mix and match! Pick up a pair of cut out boyfriend jeans and pair it with a simple, black crop top, a plain body chain, flash tatts for your wrists, and a block heeled white shoe. Put a cherry on top with the round shaped sunglasses, and a bright red lip. To change the look from casual to dressy, swap the jeans for a solid color midi skirt!

Besides crop tops, these are our favorite trends of the year. Doesn’t women’s fashion finally seem to be heading towards comfort? Modest flowing skirts and loose jeans that don’t threaten to suffocate, jewelry without the weight, and comfortable heels! What more could we ask for? Let’s just hope we keep moving towards this trend of chic, sexy and comfortable! What’s your favorite trend this year?

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