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Those Days…

I don’t remember how difficult it had been for me to memorize tables or mathematical formulae, but I very accurately remember hitting my brother in every possible way, only to acquire the sought after TV remote. Childhood is such, while you’re at it, all you want to do is to grow up and party as hard as possible but once you grow up there’s nothing you wouldn’t give to relive those days.
The childhood of every Indian kid of the 1990s wouldn’t have been as awesome as it has been, had it not been for one of our best friends; The Cartoon Network.

1. Powerpuff Girls
What did the Mayor’s secretary look like anyway? The answer to this question remains unanswered even today. With Mojo Jojo being a villain I always wanted defeated, the creation of the Powerpuff girls from all kinds of chemicals in the world, left me amazed. I always wanted to go to the school that Powerpuff girls went to, primarily to witness the magic window that almost healed naturally every time Powerpuff girls broke through it.
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2. The Road Runner Show
The Road Runner Show is one that makes me laugh as hysterically even now, as it used to when I watched it as a child. One of the most nonsensical but the most fun to watch show, I can still binge watch it and enjoy it to the core. The ease with which the coyote produced things like RDX and what he called an instant road, make me laugh instantly. It surely made my childhood amazingly funny and fun filled.
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3. Scooby Doo
I’m probably the twin sister of Shaggy, having been separated from him at a ‘Kumbh Mela’. Even the slightest stir in a room with no light, gives me chills. Even though I’m not too fond of dogs, Scooby was one dog I could give anything in the world to have as a pet, as a child. A dog that could talk, and talk as adorably as Scooby did, was the dream. Scooby Doo was my particular favourite also because the protagonist and his friend were the biggest foodies ever and what better than having two foodie friends, even though they are just some fictional characters.
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4. Dexter’s Laboratory
In an attempt to recall my childhood, I finished watching the entire series twice in a row. That is the magic of Dexter’s Laboratory. The kind of things that Dexter made possible in his laboratory, filled me with wonder every time I watched the show. Dexter’s sister Dee dee, was my childhood idol, I always wanted to emulate the wicked Dee dee as a child.
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5. The Flintstones
A Mercedes Benz, ummm not really.
SUV, not at any cost.
How about an Audi? Please, no.
A car that runs on stone wheels and has space for a pet dinosaur? O yes, that’s what I’ve been dreaming for. Technology is good and has made human life easy and comfortable, but The Flintstones and its portrayal of the stone age always left me in awe of it. As a child, all I could imagine doing, when I grew up, was to ride the car that the Flintstones owned and live in a cave as they did. What a wonderful time, that was.
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Cartoon Network, has played a major role in turning my childhood into what they call an amazing childhood. I’m sure it has done the same for most of you.

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