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Indian television is filled with saas-bahu sagas that seem to never end. The clichéd stories and predictable plotlines, make them unbearable. Stories based on marriage, suddenly come to embody the supernatural, people die and come back after being cremated for a good 4-5 episodes, plastic surgeries seem like child’s play, and what not. But among these torturous stories, there are some TV serials that have been going on for long but have stuck to the theme they began with. They might have completed innumerable episodes, but the themes they discuss are worth appreciation. Here is a list of five serials on Indian television that make a lot of sense:

  • Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.

Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Considered melodramatic by most of its audience, this show has been going on since January 2009. Even though it qualifies as a saas-bahu saga, this show stands out for sticking to its theme of understanding the relationship that marriage is. With a plethora of married couples as the cast of the show, the show discusses the very contemporary issue of relationships and the nuances of understanding and keeping them strong.


  • Mere Angne Mein.

Mere Angne Mein

Another saas-bahu drama, Mere Angne Mein was aired for the first time in June 2015. Even though the episodes of this show get a bit too long and sometimes it has unnecessary drama, it is nevertheless a wonderful portrayal of how family values differ from place to place and family to family, and how generation gap is a real issue in our chase towards modernity.

  • Baalika Vadhu.


Baalika Vadhu, going on since July 2008, has been a favourite among the saas-bahu saga audience. This show won the hearts of the audience with its brilliant theme and rural setting. Though the show got a bit too stretched after the protagonists grew up, what is commendable is that the theme did not get lost over the years. Still tackling the issue of child marriage, the show wonderfully portrays changing sensibilities with changing times, with a social message after every episode.


  • Chidiya Ghar.


Chidiya Ghar, as the name suggests comprises characters that are names after animals and behave exactly like those animals. This show first aired in November 2011 and has been running very successfully since then. Based on the concept of how each human has traits of some or the other animal, this show is a wonderfully moralizing one.


However much we claim to dislike the melodrama on Indian Television, we can’t deny that we all have our favourites. What is common to all these shows is the fact that since they are made for domestic consumption, they deal with domestic issues.

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