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Tamanna, on Star Plus: A review.

While he played cricket, she played with dolls. While they gifted him a cricket bat, she got a doll house. While she liked blue, she was compelled to choose pink.
Cricket in India, is one game that is often looked upon as that belonging to the men’s arena. Women are rarely expected to like the game that has today become a religion in India. In such a scenario, a woman taking up Cricket as a career is hardly ever considered.

Indian television has as many followers in India, as does Cricket. Inspite of the saas bahu melodrama that Indian television is filled with, viewers watch every new show with the same hope and enthisiam, expecting something better each time. While some shows turn out to be disappointing after tje first few episodes, some others do become the ray of hope that they are expected to be.

One wonderful thing that Indian television has come to embody lately is curating shows that address a social problem or theme. This not only makes for an interesting watch, but also makes the population that consumes Indian television, socially aware.

Tamanna, on Star Plus, is one such show. The show revolves around a girl who has been a Cricket lover ever since her father gifted her a Cricket bat. Playing Cricket for the Indian women’s Cricket team is a dream she has been living with all her life. Set in a conservative city in Gujarat, the protagonist is compelled to get married with the coming on of age. Her husband who had pretended to support her dream, turns out to be ambitious does not care about her dream. While the protagonist’s father is the one man who supports her throughout and encourages her to keep chasing her dream. Her talent and dedication make her stand out.

A show that stands out among the saas-bahu sagas, Tamanna displays the modern day struggle of Indian women devided between family and the pressure they have to face once they have chosen an off beat career. Keeping the dreams and aspirations of a woman above societal norms that in most cases become fetters, this show is definitely a breath of fresh air. The acting and direction are subtle and realistic, while the dialogues are inspiring and perfectly capture the essence of the struggles of women. Tamanna, is a must watch.

Here is the trailer of the much loved show.


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