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So YEAH, a Hollywood movie based on Emojis heading our way!!


We find new ways of  making our communication wacky,  but emojis are all time favourite (considering most of our whatsapp conversations consist of numerous emoticons instead of words, on many occasions).

Sony is apparently going to make a movie based on Emoji—yes, those little cartoons you use to punctuate text messages. Will be directed by Eric Siegal who has previously directed Kunfu Panda and Secrets of Masters

The studio has won a bidding war against two other major companies, Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. in a near-seven-figure deal.

Part of the attraction for Sony is that these little social media add-ons, which originated in Japan, and don’t require the purchase of any additional rights.

The film is of course at its earliest stages and nothing has been said as of yet about the plot or characters – though we can already imagine some big names playing these emojis. Cool, right?!

Are you just as excited as us?

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