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Powerful Images of the World

We all love powerful images. They transport us to other parts of the world, we might otherwise never see. These striking images show the world from all different angles, walks of life and distances. Every one of them offers a different kind of beauty, telling a unique story. 

 The light of Earth 

Pedestrian crossing trompe l’oeil 

Students lining up to have Steve the Custodian sign their yearbooks 

This pup will grow up to be a guide dog 

Yoga on the edge, in Trolltunga, Norway 

Penguin pool party 

The snow’s artful gift: ice grill 

On the left, Earth from Mars and on the right, Mars from Earth

The lights of Rio at night 

Iceland’s Dynjandi Waterfalls 

Rare sight: a quadruple rainbow 

Typical winter day on the Canadian railway 

Flirting houses 

Hard to tell: Is it a pirate ship or a kite of a pirate ship? 

Turtle hitches a ride on the back of a crocodile 

Cypress tree lined avenue in Point Reyes, California 

A car sculpture issued a parking ticket 

Nature loves a contrast 

Banyan: Strangling fig tree 

Alaska’s own Aurora Borealis, near Bear Lake 

A wet water walkway in Croatia 

Trick of the eye or the biggest puppy ever? 

Metropolitan Tokyo 

Snow creates Canadian Gothic 

Strawberry up close 

Rwandan cycle team stop to see snow for the first time 

George Peabody Library in Baltimore

China’s Guangxi Province 

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