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I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie

If I had to pick a hobby, it would probably be reading. I find it to be the best exercise for the brain, keeping it focused and raveled in the words, leaving no room for any other thoughts. A good fantasy novel sends your mind hurling through completely new worlds that were unimaginable before. But there’s much more to it than that – what you read determines how you perceive the world and others around you.

Let’s you live real life experiences

Reading is one way in which you can most accurately put yourself in someone else’s shoes to feel what they were feeling. It can help foster understanding of different cultures and let you live multiple lives. This all sounds like a highly romanticized description of what most consider to be a mundane task, but scientists have actually discovered that the brain does not draw major contrasts between reading about an experience and the real life experience itself. Therefore proving that you are fully submerging yourself in another’s thoughts and feelings.

Makes you more empathetic

Allowing you to experience different cultures and meet different types of people through the pages of a book, it comes as no surprise that reading makes you more empathetic. You are easily able to relate to someone else’s thoughts and feelings. Therefore, broadening your perspective of the world. It also broadens your perspective of the different types of people you meet and the situations you encounter.

Makes you smarter

With teachers and parents honing us to put down the Game Controller and pick up a book, this one comes as no real surprise. Carnegie Mellon University decided to quantify this theory and studied children’s brains before and after 100 hours of intensive reading training. They found, at the end of the session, that white matter in the brains had actually increased.

So go now, pick up a book!

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