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Indian reality TV is feeding you total crap

There was a time when Indian television was a storehouse of artistic breakthroughs. Be it fiction or reality TV, it never failed to entertain and impress. With shows like Shaanti, Swabhimaan, Nukkad, Chitrahar, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, to mention just the tip of the iceberg, Indian television was a treat in itself.

The internet is filled with views and opinions abhorring content that is being fed to audiences in the current scenario. Despite that there’s no end to the metaphorical ‘crap’ (is greatly feared to turn literal in a matter of just no time at all) that is being served on most of Hindi television in the present times.

While shows produced by Ekta Kapoor that proved to be utterly regressive in outlook and treatment, got beaten by senseless plot twists in shows like Sasural Simar Ka and Naagin, there is a section that is degenerating each passing minute. This section is what has come to be known reality TV.

The pseudo reality of these highly scripted shows (How I wish they put half the amount of brain cells in writing a script for the fictions produced. Those seem to be running on the whims and fancies of a group of absolutely stoned creatures of sweet mother earth), is not only hard to digest but also makes you detest the idea of something so futile in nature.

Here are five reasons that prove that reality TV is just a waste of time.

  1. Scripted conflict in order to sell.

Most of the fights and conflicts you see on shows like Big Boss and Roadies, are more elaborately scripted than a Karan Johar film. These may grab your attention, but that’s exactly the nerve producers have hit. They’ve gauged the attraction that conflicts bring to a reality show, and Indian TV has come to a point where most reality TV has become a mere centre for conflict, and conflict alone.


  1. People with no sense of direction in life.

I hate to be judgemental about people I do not know, but most contestants of reality TV are ones who have no direction in life, and participate majorly in order for easy and cheap publicity. History has it that half the contestants on reality shows have become famous on TV owing to their presence on these shows, eventually bagging them roles in films and daily soaps.

While earlier participants with potential for films and TV were picked by casting directors and producers, today it has become the other way round. Today, people participate in order to give their career a kick start. But what they forget is that a long term and successful career is based on talent and toil, and no amount of publicity can help build the career they dream of.



  1. Poor content.

Entertainment in today’s scenario has lost essence. Even the most obtuse, ludicrous, and ridiculous content is served in the form of entertainment. Reality TV, like all other shows on TV, comes with a vision. But in the bet for higher TRPs each season, all vision is lost, and there is no artistic, aesthetic, or even realistic appeal left. All the content on these shows is getting poorer by the day, and in no time at all it will literally begin to make no sense at all.


  1. Creates more trauma than entertainment.

Brawls and clashes have become the norm for reality TV today, but there’s no denying the fact that these have been one of the major reasons for the rising TRPs of reality shows in India. From the business point of view these are the pillars of success for reality TV, but for the audience consuming such content, it isn’t mentally, psychologically, and emotionally healthy. The audience watches conflict as a vouyer, in a bet to find purgation in their own lives filled with real conflict, failing to understand that watching so much violence all the time does not provide catharsis, but trauma and depression in turn.


  1. Abusive in nature.

The entertainment industry today has become synonymous to a parallel business world, where art and aesthetics  are compromised for money making. In other words, entertainment has become entirely commercial. In an attempt to fulfill commercial needs through conflict in reality shows, what the producers and makers failed to recognize is the abusive and violent nature of these conflicts. What could have been artistically designed for commercial success, has become petty with a single minded focus on generating revenue. This abuse and violence directly influences the emotional and mental well being of the audience.


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