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From the pen of a fan !!

A teenage girl, in search of some thrill in life, I was bored and frustrated of the saas-bahu sagas on Indian television. It was then that my friends suggested that I watch some English television series. But before I could explore the world of comedies, thrillers, and emotional roller coasters that the English television series had to offer, I encountered a very Indian; Hindi television show that changed the way I looked at television forever. This show produced by Yash Raj Telefilms, aired in 2010. The story revolves around a drug mafia being chased by a group of officers of the narcotics control bureau. Dark and captivating, the plot of the show is a well designed one. Not very popular with the youth that loves to binge on every English television series, here are the reasons that make it a must watch for all those who appreciate art.

The show offers a group of brilliant actors ranging from the very versatile Pankaj Tripathi, to the very talented Manish Chaudhary, from the bold and confident Geetika Tyagi, to theatre actor Rahul Bagga. The cast of the show is one to look out for. They deliver performances that make one want more with every episode. Brilliantly portrayed, all the characters seem real and are easy to connect with. One feels an instant individual connection with each character and feels a sense of loss each time a character dies or fails.

With impeccable skill, the writer and director of the show; Atul Sabharwal, has made sure that each actor delivers absolutely what the character is expected of. With each scene is precise and compact, and says what it is meant to without beating about the bush, it is an example of impeccable storytelling. The impact each episode of the show leaves on the audience speaks volumes about the beauty of the direction the show boasts of.

It has a linear plot with individual stories of the characters intertwined. The plot is well built and every event in the story happens for a reason. The subplots radiate from the central plot and rejoin the main plot as the show progresses. What makes this entire cluster of sub-stories contributing to the main story interesting is that each of these sub-stories has a very important role to play in the overall meaning of the show and their coming together and mingling into each other towards, leaves you teary eyed and your heart throbbing.

This show is one among the few shows on Indian television that has artistic and creative value. It does not run along the lines of the stereotypical family dramas that run for decades. Each episode captures the essence of the story and the theme wonderfully. The show transports one to the streets of Mumbai, where the show is set. The underworld crime scene and the struggle of the police, is realistically shown.

Well researched, this show is definitely good competition to the English crime thrillers our generation is so fond of. What is commendable is that a crime thriller amidst family dramas could make a place for itself on Indian television. The very fact that such a show was attempted on Indian television makes one appreciative of the sheer creativity it is endowed with. It is a breath of fresh air in the true sense of the phrase.

Among all other legitimate reasons to watch this show, the most important one is that such a show exists on Indian television. And no points for guessing, this amazingly designed show is called ‘Powder’. Go watch it RIGHT NOW.

Happy watching !!

Enjoy the show !!












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