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Affect of Colors On Your Mood

You must have surely heard phrases like “seeing red” or “feeling blue” at some point in your life. Ever wondered where they came from? There’s no denying that color and mood are somehow linked, whether it’s actual physical factors or just mental conditioning over time. Slap on some red lipstick and you instantly feel the sexy, confidence wash over you. Wear your yellow raincoat on a gloomy day and you automatically feel brighter.

Human beings have an intricate relationship with colors react on multiple levels of association with them. There are social and cultural levels as well as personal when it comes to your relationship with particular colors. For example, when you see the color red, it actually increases your heart rate, as it is a stimulating color. The reason being that red is often associated with danger and alert in our minds going back to the caveman days (fire). Even today red is used for fire-trucks, ambulances, police cars, and in other words alarm, thus causing our heart rate to rise when we look at it. This is the cultural association we have with the color. On the other hand, if red was the color of your grandma’s living room; it has a more positive association for you. That is a personal relationship with the color.

Here’s how you can use your relationship with common colors to your advantage:

Passionate Red: Red is not only associated with alarm but also passion. Red is linked to passion because it is the color we exhibit on our skin when blushing or when we’re flushed from passion. If you’re going for an absolute eye-catcher (not always in a good way), then go for that red dress. However, if you just want to get into a sexy frame of mind, add just a pop of red to your outfit – a red lipstick, red nail polish or a red clutch will do the trick.

Calming Blues: Blue is known to do the very opposite of the color red – it lowers your blood pressure. This probably has to do with the fact that blue in nature conveys tranquility – the sky or the ocean – and calm. If you want to de-stress after a stressful day, slip into something of a light blue.

Refreshing Greens: From grass, to leaves and nature in general, green is associated with nature and the environment. This creates the association of feeling both refreshed and relaxed in the presence of the color. If you want to pick a shade that is easy on the eyes, especially as an accent color to your room/living room, pick green. Because of the colors association with nature, it makes a great choice for your interiors, as it will make you feel closer to your natural habitat.

Happy Yellow: Yellow is a color which carries both positive and negative feelings. A bright cheerful yellow is always associated with sunshine. The association with sunshine conveys a joyous, happy mood. On the other hand, a pale, or mellow yellow is linked to jaundice and sickliness in general.

Casual Orange: If you’re not comfortable seeing red, orange is the perfect substitute, amalgamating the depth of the color red and the sunniness of yellow. Thus it brings together the perfect mix between red’s passion (without anger, or danger) and the uplifting bubbliness of the color yellow. It is thus a very positively simulating color, associated with creativity and enthusiasm. It also symbolizes vitality and endurance. Looking to get a little pumped before you hit the gym? Don some orange!

Royal Purple: Purple has been associated with richness and royalty over several centuries now. You must have seen multiple images (or cartoons) of kings and queens donning purple robes. So if you need to feel confident and regal, such as for an on stage performance, wear purple.

Sexy Black: Although black used to be associated as more of a downer (think funerals), today it defines chic. It is today associated with high class, limousines, elegance and black tie affairs. Therefore, when you wear black you automatically feel sexier and elegant, not to forget that it’s also slimming!

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