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6 Things that Ted Mosby taught me

How I Met Your Mother is one of the most watched CBS dailies, for its uncanny resemblance to the much loved F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and the impressive quality of humour it has to offer. While the diehard romantics love the show, the thriller watching audience begins to find it lame and boring after a point. But whether one likes it or one doesn’t, the fact that besides being a storehouse of great puns and witty one-liners, it also has a bunch of lessons about life, love, and friendship, cannot be denied. Accept it or not, every time one of those lessons comes by, it rings a bell and one cannot help but experience an instant connection.

While the rest of the characters of the show has its own set of messages to give, it is Ted Mosby that gives you some of the best lessons about love and life. Here are the few things that architect Mosby led me to believe in, in all honesty.


  1. If you really know what you want out of life, life really gives it to you.

Things in life do not go our way each time we want them to. Life goes wrong at each step, and throws us in the midst of chaos and confusion. But believing in what you really want from life, and keeping your faith in the universe intact does take you where you really wish to be.

  1. What you’re heading towards, is heading towards you. You’ve just got to keep believing.

Ted Mosby can be called one of the biggest believers of destiny, and whatever happened in his life he never stopped believing. Life is always full of obstacles of some kind or the other, but the one thing that one should always remember is that the universe is always at work in conjunction with your life, and while you’re moving towards your destiny with passion, and perseverance, you destiny is moving towards you at the same pace.

  1. Sometimes wonderful things come out of horrible situations.

Most of us like to live in peace, and we always try and keep away from situations that disrupt our peace of mind. But more often than not, we find ourselves entangled in the clutches of these very situations, giving us sleepless nights and distress. But if one looks closely at how past events have shaped our lives in the present, one may realize that in most cases it was some of the most troubled times that gave rise to some of the best things to have happened to them.

  1. Sometimes things need to fall apart to make better things.

This is one of the most well known truths of life. When things go the right way, we tend to think they’d say that way forever. But time and again, the working of all such things gets distorted giving us a jolt. However much the falling apart of something that seemed perfect may hurt, it is important to understand that things that aren’t meant to be come to an end inevitably, and that their end is a sign of something even greater coming together in the future.

  1. To never, ever give up.

When life hits us hard, not only do we give up physically, but in most cases we also give up emotionally and mentally, deciding to never go back to our old belief system, just to avoid the pain and suffering that comes with setbacks. But that’s the thing about life, the times when it hits you the hardest are the ones that require the maximum strength. It is in times like these that we require to hold on to everything good that we believe in, only to realize these very beliefs bear the sweetest fruit in the future.

  1. That the love you’re looking for is just round the corner, so keep faith.

As humans, we need love to be able to survive the harshness of this world. We all need the comforting company of a partner to share our lives with. Along with professional dreams and aspirations, familial responsibilities, and all other essentials of life, finding love is one of our greatest motivations in life. Some find it early in life, some take a little more time. Some get to keep their first love, while others get their hearts broken only to fall in love all over again, but the idea that we all have a Robin who will eventually come to us, come what may, remains. And the universe that is always working in conjunction with our lives in order for us to meet our destiny speaks out loud, that the love that we’re looking for is always round the corner. All we’ve to do is to keep faith.


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