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5 TV shows that make every 1990s kid nostalgic!!

There is no word that correctly explains the feeling of nostalgia. The feeling is in itself so rich and compelling, that words can never be enough to describe it. There are some things in life that take one down the memory lane in no time at all and nostalgia follows inevitably. There have been TV shows that have not only made our childhood absolutely wonderful but also make us nostalgic every time we hear about them, reminding us of how beautiful those days were.

1. Shaka Laka Boom Boom

Even the thought of Sanju’s magic pencil, completely thrilled me as a kid. Shaka Laka Boom Boom and its characters, the most important of them being the magic pencil, have been true friends to kids of the 1990s. The show was not only magical and entertaining but also inspired children to do well in life with honesty and integrity.


2. Son Pari

Another favourite among kids, Son Pari was primarily about an angel who helped a young girl on earth to fight the little problems she had. Every child who ever watched Son Pari, has definitely wished for a Son Pari in his/her life. Watching angels and devils living with humans, was an entirely new and thrilling experience all together. Kids loved the characters and the magical tricks that Son pari often performed for Fruity.


3. Karishma ka Kaishma

Indian version of Small Wonders, Karishma ka Karishma, was the Indian way of ‘miracles’. This show was loved most for the robot, also the protagonist, Karishma who was the cutest little thing on the show. Every child has atleast once had a thought of having a younger sibling like Karishma to perform miracles for him/her. A lucid plot, with a wonderful concept of Indianizing the English Small Wonder, worked wonders for Indian kids.


4. Shararat

Another show about angels and magic, this one gets an extra point for it was magically naughty. Farida Jalal’s childlike actions and Shruti Seth’s bubbly character were the few things that made the show even more endearing. As a kid, I always wanted to magically go for a holiday with the powers that these ‘paris’ had. This show was one that truly made our childhood magical.


5. Shaktiman

India’s very own super hero show, Shaktiman was truly the hero of every 90s kid. I still remember how every Sunday, we cousins would almost take the remote captive long  before the clock struck 12 to relish an Indian superhero experience, the most favourite part being the ‘life lessons’ that Shaktiman would give towards the end of each episode.  This show has been the most favourite of an entire generation. Shaktiman, you made our childhood awesome. You’re dearly missed. And in the end, the only thing we’re left with to say is,”Thank You Shaktiman.”


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