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5 Reasons that make Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai the best !!

Indian television today is filled with family dramas and saas-bahu sagas that seem to never end. In such a chaotic world, Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai came as a breadth of fresh air. With its simple yet interesting stories and adorable characters, it became one of the most loved shows on Indian television in no time. Here are five reasons why Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai will continue to rule our hearts forever.

  1. Characters

Each character of Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai, be it the sophisticated high society Maya Sarabhai or her middle class daughter-in-law Monisha Sarabhai, be it the deaf Madhusudan Fufa or the Narad Muni Indravadan, is absolutely adorable. Each character is distinct, has a quirky trait that makes it interesting. Inspite of the show being over, we still love each character from the bottom of our hearts.

  1. Rosesh’s Poetry.

Jelly giri zameen par to awaz aai PLUP PLUP,

Baccha usmein haath mare to sunai deti hai THUP THUP.”

That was the magic of Rosesh’s poetry. We can’t deny, we loved to hate it. However stupid it may have sounded, however scared had Indu and Sahil been of it, Rosesh’s poetry has always left us in splits. Cheers to ‘teen pairon wala kutta.’



  1. Maya’s list of middle class things Monisha does.

No matter what the topic of discussion is, Maya always has a list of things that Monisha does her middle class pedestrian way. From ‘Monisha to geela baniyan bhi microwave mein sukhati hai’, to ‘Purane mozon ka poncha banati hai’, from ‘supermarket jaake extra dhaniya aur mirch maangti hai’ to ‘designer saree ke neeche hawai chappal pehenti hai.’ Examples are galore, but what’s interesting is that Maya never fell short of examples to tell us how middle class Monisha can get. Don’t we just love hr for that.


  1. Title track.

Ye jo nazar aate hain, vo to ye hain nahin,

Dekho inhein gaur se, dikhenge ye aur koi.

Zubaan se O  my my kitne pyaare hain,

Dilon mein you don’t know ye angaare hain.

Sophistication inki surname hai,

Hypocrisy mein jeete ye saare hain.”

This is the one song that every Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai fan knows by heart. It is too catchy to not get unto our lips instantly. The title track alone adds another star to the show.




  1. Quirky stories.

Unlike family dramas on Indian television that have no story at all, each episode of Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai had a distinct, captivating, and quirky story. Be it the episode of the ‘African Chant’ or the one in which Popat Kaka passes away, each episode had a charm of its own, distinctly etched in our hearts forever.



We can’t deny Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai has made us laugh beyond bounds. We’re connected to the show in some way or the other and will continue to be for the rest of our lives. Cheers to the madness. I’m off to watch a re-run of the show. Won’t you?

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