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15 Vehicles That Are Out of the Ordinary

We’ve seen some strange things on the road before, but nothing quite as bizarre as these oddball vehicles. There’s a good chance that you won’t spot any of them cruising down the highways anytime soon. You won’t believe the extent these owners went to when they built their weird creations on wheels.

1) A Texas Sized Telephone Car

2) It’s Time to Mow Your Car

3 Ex-Husband Taking His Divorce Quite Seriously

4) A Jaguar Covered in Post-It Notes

5) A Space Age Mahogany Vehicle

6) The Three-Headed Hydra

7) An Unidentified Flying Vehicle

8) A Bathtub with Wheels

9) The Camera Van

10) An Interesting Use of Old Floppy Disks

11) A Tubular Ride

12) Road House

13) Mickey Mouse’s Volkswagen Beetle

14) A Giant Glowing Duck on Wheels

15) Someone Who Really Loves Cats

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