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6 Reasons you need a break from social media, right now.

We’re all too proud to be tech-savvy, and would rather add that to our CVs if we could. After all, scrolling up and down social networking platforms, we’re all professionals at handling, is a what we all end up doing most of our waking hours (the ninja-level experts dream of it also). While social networking has been one of the greatest impetus in giving globalization the much needed boost, excessive indulgence has its own set of predicaments.

All social networking platforms aid us in keeping up with the world around us, and staying connected with it in both personal lives and in the professional arena. My father had had to strain his mind to recall the name of his long lost classmate he used to borrow notes from. With social networking that hardly happens anymore. Reaching out to people from the past, is mostly just a click away. But, what is disturbing is the fact that while it has brought the world closer, it is a leading cause of a loss of a lot of essentials in life.

  1. It causes depression.

Constantly looking at the happy and absolutely fun part of the lives of others, compels us to make comparisons and belittle our own lives in turn, believing that our lives are filled with only misery. Research has proved this attitude to cause depression in most users.


  1. Eats up on time that can be used more constructively.

While social media platforms are a great way to connect with the larger world around, it is no revelation that more often than not we end up scrolling up and down our social media accounts in vain. The time that could be used to finish pending work, read a book, take rest, etc., goes in simply nothingness.


  1. One begins to live in a kind of pseudo reality.

Taking the example of facebook, every time you make a new post, you open it to constantly check the number of likes and comments you get. And after a point, a part of your life gets confined to who liked your pictures and who did not. While a good number of them give you a sense of self worth, a lack of them crushes your self esteem to an extent. But what we do not realize is that those liking and commenting are scrolling aimlessly just like us. And your post or picture is one among the millions they encounter while busy in their aimless pursuit, making the entire process a pseudo reality, that can have adverse psychological effects if not controlled in time.

  1. Long hours of it affects the functioning of your brains.

Staring into a screen for long hours has been proven by research to hamper the proper functioning of the brain, making it prone to disease, and leading to a slow and clouded memory. Every now and then, the brain requires  fresh air, and exercise, for proper functioning just like our body. Along with the other psychological effects that social media has, this has been medically said to lower brain activity.


  1. It is addictive.

With the plethora of options, and content available on social media, along with spicy gossip, it has come to be known as the modern day drug. Just like real natural and synthetic drugs that produce an intoxicating effect on the brain, constant use of social media produces a similar effect, making the brain used to the activity of being active on social media, without realizing that it eventually results in a kind of addiction, that is as difficult to come out from, and as ghastly for mental and physical health.

  1. Keeps you from exploring.

The online world is a terrific way of staying abreast with what is happening in the world around, with fast and easy methods. But the introduction of social media doesn’t mean the world outside and beyond it has ceased to exist. Instead of looking at a picture of gourmet food and relishing it on instagram, it is always a better idea to relish it in person. Instead of feeling a sense of calm reading stories and experiences of friends visiting the mountains, on facebook, it is always better to explore a hill station and experience the calm of the hills in person. We’re so busy going live on facebook at a music concert, that we forget to enjoy the performance we’re actually there for. Social media helps us to stay connected, but keeps us from exploring the vastness of the world around us.

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