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The out of college experience

Ask any adult what s/he had wanted to do as a kid, and the majority will say that they wanted to grow up to be adults as soon as possible. However true, it has now become a cliche. Moving on from that, the excitement of entering college isn’t new too. Every person who has ever been to college knows what a great place it is to be at. College life is one that is often cherished by one and all as one that is free from any kind of worry, with the best of friendships around, and the maximum fun. But what comes after college is what they call, the real world. While teachers at school often tell kids that they’d be entering the real world as soon as they pass out from school, college turns out to be as cocooned and warm as school is. The real challenge begins once one gets out of college.

In a bid to establish financial independence and begin to settle down in life, looking for a job in a world where unemployment is on the rise becomes detrimental to the dreams and aspirations of most of the youth. The zeal and passion for their dreams becomes the only thing that helps them to keep faith in themselves and their ambitions. But the tough competition of the job market, the many challenges that life throws every now and then, all kinds of pressures from both the workplace and home, friends having started with lives of their own resulting in loneliness at times, and the sheer pace of life after college leaves one wondering if they’re going on the right track or not.

Life after college in the true sense tests one’s mettle. But while life is busy throwing all kinds of physical, mental, emotional, psychological challenges at you, it is in moments like these that one attains wisdom and grows up to face life in all circumstances. It is rightly said, ”What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.”

Here is a list of essentials that everybody faces once out of college:

Life after college is a tough nut to crack, and is the time that makes you or breaks you.

  1. Anxiety regarding job satisfaction.

Having dreamt of the perfect job until now, and ending up with one that doesn’t quite match your standards and expectations, or not finding one at all can be quite frustrating. But that’s how life is. Even the monotony of the job you’ve always dreamt of sometimes kills you. The anxiety that being in the wrong job, or not being able to cope up with the pressures of your dream job, is real. But what helps one keep sane is the idea that with time, perseverance, and patience, everything will fall into place, and you’ll get to where you’re supposed to be.

  1. The real world.

It is difficult to digest instantly, but once out of college, the world that you meet is actually the real world that you’ve been warned about all your life. This world is ruthless and more competitive than you thought it is, and friendships now are mostly those of convenience. The dearth of jobs and low paying jobs is what makes the entire scenario worse, reigning in more competition every time you step out of the house. It is difficult, but one gets used to it in due time, and this is what toughens you and makes you ready to take on the challenges of life.


While there are aspects of life after college that are regarded as challenging, there are some that add to the experience of life, equipping one better to deal with the hurdles of life.

  1. Routine

However much college authorities try and give students a sense of routine, with regular classes and assessments at frequent intervals, college life is such that students often set out to explore their newly found freedom, missing classes and regular study in turn. But once one gets into a job, the  liberty to work on one’s own time gets lost. Jobs bind employees to come and leave at a fixed time, for better output and to maintain a system. While one may feel routine to be a kind of restriction, it helps one to organize one’s life for the better. Getting up in time in the morning, following chores everyday at a particular time, not only brings about a sense of system, but also keeps the mind and the body healthy.


  1. Financial independence.

There are a plethora of things that we desire to do, but are unable to as college students, most often than not due to financial dependence on our parents. Getting a job provides with just the right kind of freedom to be able to pursue dreams, passions, hobbies, or simply tasks that had required money one couldn’t afford as a student. Moreover it gives one a sense of individuality, and lessens the pressure on parents. In fact one of the greatest joys of life include the smile on the face of parents when kids buy them gifts with their own hard earned money.

3. Stability

Financial independence and responsibilities of adulthood, of a job, and the family, give one a sense of stability wherein one comes to inhabit a frame of mind to be able to make some of the most difficult decisions of life. One finds direction in life, and goals become clearer than before. While the uncertainty and ambiguity of college life may seem exciting, after a point everybody gets tired of such a life, and wishes some sort of stability whether it is emotional, financial, mental, or even physical.




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