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The language of the Universe – and how fluent you really are!

“You know what the issue is with this world? Everyone wants a magical solution to their problem, and everyone refuses to believe in magic.”

Alice in Wonderland

Human beings have the tendency to complicate things. If we look at our place in the grand scheme of affairs, then we are just another species on this delightful planet, nothing more and nothing less. We do have a higher level of cognitive intelligence than any other species, yes, but what does that mean really? It means we have the tendency to overthink and complicate things, every little thing. So when I go ahead and make a statement like, “Your thoughts and feelings are the language of the Universe,” most of us would tut-tut and move on to read another article, one that conforms to our complicated complications.

Nevertheless… Your thoughts and feelings ARE the language of the Universe. The Universe does not understand English or Hindi or French or whatchamacallit. The Universe understands only what you give energy to, whether it’s good or bad, whether you want it or don’t want it, whether you consciously spoke its language or subconsciously, and whether you believe it or not. And the tipping point isn’t ‘your thoughts’ either. It’s what you feel when you think those thoughts, that’s your energy speaking to the Universe in the only language it understands. And the Universe says, “Ask and you shall receive!”

What does this mean for us? It means we have to pay a little more attention to how we’re speaking with the Universe, if we want to tap into all the awesomeness that this cognitive intelligence thingy gives us!

Give it a whirl… If you’re broke, stop worrying about how broke you are, and focus instead on what all you’re going to do with all the money you have when you have it all. Think it, feel it, believe it, and be grateful for it. If you’re the boy that every girl you’ve ever been with has cheated on, then stop wondering about the next one that’s going to cheat on you, and focus instead on how happy you’re going to be when you finally find the one for you – the honest, loyal, beautiful soul that would move mountains for you and never leave your side even at your worst. Think it, feel it, believe it, and be grateful for it. If you’re sick of buying your clothes at the plus store despite all the cardio hours you’re putting in, then stop for a moment, and shift gears. Imagine you’re the hottest you’ve ever been, wearing the sexiest outfit you’ve ever seen, and feel how amazing it is to look so healthy and so happy and so alive! Think it, feel it, believe it, and be grateful for it.

Be grateful for it. Those four words are the key.

There’s going to be no magic show with a fabulous-looking man pulling cash out of his hat for you, or your soul-mate magically appearing from behind a trap-door with confetti and such. But trust me, and this I promise you – the Universe will give, and the Universe will give abundantly. And if it doesn’t give exactly what you want, don’t be disheartened, for it will have opened doorways for you that had never been open before, or you just couldn’t see them. These doorways will lead you to exactly where you want to be.

And in the end – it will be exactly like you thought it, felt it, believed it and you WILL be grateful for it.

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