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Tarot reading For OCT


October is going to be an important month for relationships. A beautiful opportunity to learn about yourself. Win-a win situation on the relationship front as few questions, which were on your mind about your relationship, will give a clearer picture. Aries are known for their aggression. Using this aggression on the work front will give ample of opportunities. Major progress on work front with less efforts, wonder if you can pull that off.  Overall a great month ahead.


Your biggest power will come through your ability to lead your co-workers through the fog. This is not the time to wait for someone else to take the helm.  Look at where the problems lie and take charge.  Don’t let any of that break you out into a cold sweat. Keep your eyes on the prize and lead your herd like a boss . Your slow and steady leadership style is what’s needed now. By month’s end, your focus moves to love. Your romantic life is ready to heat up.  Sparks fly and passion rules.  Give in to your desires and fuel that fire. (PS if you are looking to add another member to your family, this may the right month to start that action happening.)


You’re normally play well with words but  past few weeks have been causing you to stammer more than usual. This month will give   you creative power but trouble expressing yourself fully. You’re going to be back to your witty best.  This is going to be especially evident if you are involved in a creative or teaching career.  You may be getting some unexpected praise or a promotion before the month ends.


Cancer loves taking care of their family and being at the center of all things home.  You can be the hero in the family drama with courage and stamina. This month is also great for taking care of your home.  Clear out the clutter, straighten your closets, and do a deep fall clean if you can. You’ll feel better if you have divine order in your living space.  At work, extra responsibilities might feel like a drag but suck it up but  it will pay off.


October starts off with a bit of the blues. In the meantime  try and socialize more  .  Focus on getting out of your head as much as you can and soon that bummer vibe will lift and you’ll be your old sunny self again.  At the end of the month, you’ll be in better surroundings as well.  Domestic bliss will be experienced . Feel free to invest in your home or a trip overseas.  You’ll be able to recoup that in no time.


Productivity would be at its peak. No matter what life has thrown you lately, you’re cutting through and showing the universe who the real boss is. It’s up to you to make the most of that now with lots of power and oodles of luck . A raise is expected or a boat load of new clients leaves you flush with cash. Use it wisely even though you may be tempted to splurge.  Instead, wait until you see where it’s best needed.  That will show up next month so hold tight until then.


Birthday month!  Make a wish !Go ahead and grab the opportunities. Your charm could bring a secret admirer forward for an opportunity for a red hot affair! On work front , some setbacks may have derailed you  in the past.  But you will get back on the track.


This month won’t be easy . You will find it difficult to maintain balance between work and friendship. It would be difficult to maintain calm. You would chose to be by yourself. Also it would be best to keep some things to yourself.  What you say may be held against you so keep your opinions or top secret projects under the radar until next month when you get the green light to shout it out loud. Meditation will be very helpful.


It is the time to begin actively working on it.  How do you want to define yourself?  How do you want to be seen?  Be clear on who you are becoming and start shearing away the old you. Which may find you getting nudges from your social circle to get out a bit more.  Your career is smoking hot all month long.  Even if you’re bored with what you’re doing, you are still killing it. Appreciation will remind you how talented you are, superstar.


This month may start out with a few hiccups at work, but don’t you let it dampen your mood.   A few problems may arise, especially with communication.  You’ve got oodles of Sun power helping you to hold down the fort and lead with confidence.  If issues pop up, step up to the challenge and show them how it’s done. October is fabulous for travel. Someone special will take efforts to make you feel special.


October may find you craving more travel. It’s perfectly fine for you to set your sights on another destination.    If you can’t put it off until then, try to be patient should any chaotic arise. Mid month will  be filled with romance . Very good for your finances but also for your sex life.  You’ll either be getting more loot or more booty.  Maybe both.  A win-a-win situation.


Keep a close eye on your finances at the beginning of this month.  Financial difficulties lead to a setback, especially if you are trying to get a loan or are waiting on some money due to you.  You’ll also want to be careful about signing contracts, especially if there is cash money involved.  Read the fine details carefully. Things will start to move forward. Romantic opportunities magnify. You’re passionate about work than normal. Work that magic and enjoy the results!

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