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For December, if you have a dream that you want, you can achieve it but you must not scatter your forces – you must dedicate yourself to the work necessary.  Examine your goals and see if they are reasonable. Feel free to shift them this month. This aspect is perfect for addressing our illusions but also our addictions.  Not just addictions to substances, but our addictions to fear, toxic relationships or the need for approval. Ditch the low-vibe energy and seek to uplift yourself by grounding yourself in reality.

If you are a mutable sign (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) be very mindful of the energy you’re sending out or taking in. Set your boundaries now and stick to them. If you find yourself or a partner acting that way, keep this vibe in check before it turns into full-on control freak-outness. (Possessiveness is insecurity, not love.)

Don’t worry about what the other guy is doing…keep your eyes on your own paper.  What’s new and original is what’s resonating. What’s old and already done must be reframed or recycled – or it’s done. It’s the time of the year to put the past in the past, to forgive and forget…and to deeply nourish your family.


Dear Aries, December will be a peaceful month. Try temper in check .If you are picking a fight restrain yourself. It’s not worth it, even if you are in the right.  At month’s end, recognition comes at work and you may end the year on a high note with a big bonus or plum new role. Romance is going to be a bit tricky.


Dear Taurus, You will be surprising your loved ones with lavish gifts. You like quality and have an impeccable taste. Be careful with your finances, you may end up with big, fat bill at beginning of 2016.  Instead, give your loved ones what they really want: your attention. Both single and partnered Taureans get plenty of opportunities to explore love. Health will need attention. Avoid starting something new this month. Avoid friction with people at work between 1-15 to December.


Dear Gemini, After a bumpy few months, relationships are moving in a better direction this month.  You’re the born communicator of the zodiac and this month finds you at your best, able to connect deeper and move relationships to higher octave.  It’s mature stuff for those who are ready to take responsibility for their role in relationship issues.  This month is great for smoothing out problems but also making plans for the future. Whether you are thinking of popping the question or committing to a business deal, you’re ready to put your all into it.  Career is moving along on a happy note. A raise or bonus at the end of the year may put you in good financial shape before 2015 comes to a close.


This month could be one of the busiest of the year at work for you, dear Cancer. It’s possible that you’ll be working longer hours or maybe even a side job to bring in extra cash.  While this may sound daunting, it’s not.  The more willing you are to bust your hump, the better you’ll be when the month comes to an end.  For one thing, you’ll get recognized for your efforts.  Your power lies in your ability to lead and get things done so take the reins and move on up.  December is good for meeting someone new or for deepening a current relationship.  This is the right time to impress and spoil the one you love…or the one you want.


This is a favorable month for decorating the home or for entertaining.  Social life will be great .You’ll be glad you did – and you’ll enjoy the company. If you’re single, getting your mingling on.  If you’re trying to find a new partner, it may feel like it’s a bit of work but you need to keep at it.  This will add a bit of sparkle to your love life until late January.  The weather outside may be getting frightful but your life…may be getting delightful. Finances will be stable. Family member’s health may cause stress.


Your household may be the center of a lot of activity this month, dear Virgo. you may find yourself managing the holidays, taking care of home matters or navigating some serious family responsibilities.  You’ll have a lot on your plate but things will be safe in your capable hands. It’s also possible that some unexpected expenses could come out of the blue, adding to your stress. Best path is to remain alert for money problems. If you’re looking for a little attention, you may just get it. Social life will be stable,as you reconnect with old friends first half of December. Work will be good and stable.


Mars is still moving through your sign, dear Libra. This is giving you gobs of energy that you can use at work – or at the gym.  Burn that good stuff off and trust that even if your goals seem high, you can achieve them by focusing like a boss!  This holiday may find you receiving a nice stash of fancy goodies that will delight you. You may also feel like being a generous giver too and if you can afford it, give with wild abandon! After a few months of feeling like a little dark cloud, you’re at your sunny best all month long. This may turn out to be one of the better months of the year and as 2015 comes to an end, you may have a whole different attitude on your life and your self.


You’ll be most effective when you’re behind the scenes this month, dear Scorpio.  Whether that be managing the office or the holidays with the family, you can get a lot more done if you do it in your favourite mode: secrets December is the right month to pamper yourself with a makeover or new outfit.  If you’ve been sick of the look you’ve been rocking, go in and get an update.  And then get ready to soak up the compliments!  Don’t feel guilty about indulging.  You deserve it!  Socially, this holiday is a winner for you .Have fun as you ring in the new year with your besties.


As 2015 winds down, you’re in a reflective mood, dear Sagittarius. You’ve had to work hard on yourself this year and now you’re beginning to see the results of that. But there is still more work to be done and this is your time to assess where you’d like to make further changes.  A new career?  A move across the country?  What do you want? Give yourself permission to step back from some of the holiday festivities to meditate on your next big move.  Above all, don’t feel guilty or worried about making changes in 2016.  you the right allies to help you achieve your goals, making this month perfect for getting the ball rolling.  This is going to be fabulous for your love life and your cash flow You’ll be welcoming the new year on a happy note…and with a lot to look forward to.


At work, you’re as ambitious as they come, dear Capricorn. This month finds you in full on go-getter You’re going for the gold and you’re not letting anything stop you. Thankfully, no one will. December is also fabulous for your social life, especially if you’re looking to meet someone new. Get out and about as much as you can – you may just bump into a person that piques your interest.  Do keep a balance between your visibility and solitude. Work that charm to your advantage all the way until the late January.  Shine on!


December will be extremely social, dear Aquarius. Your social calendar will be filling up faster than If you’re taking a holiday vacation with the family or indulging in a quick road trip to visit your pals, December is a fabulous month to get out of town as much as you can.  Career is extra-sweet with Venus gracing your 10th house of honors – you may be receiving some good news .If you are in the public eye, this could be a reward for a job well done.  Snuggling at home with a partner might be the most sublime way to finish off this month…and the year.


This month, you’re counting your blessings, dear Pisces. And those blessings are the many people in your life who’ve been showing up for you, big time.  You’ll be surrounded by good people all month long and your relationships, even the diciest ones, seem to be improving. This is bound to make you feel optimistic and well-loved. This may bring a promotion or some fabulous public recognition.  Step into the spotlight and take your bow.  Attend a gathering or two if you can – and bring the merry.  This is a joyous month with much to be grateful for.  One caveat – do watch your money carefully all month long.  Especially if you’re being impulsive or trusting someone else with your cash flow.  Keep an eye on your stash.

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